Blake Lively Shares Her Post-Baby Swimsuit Look Along With Fitness Tips We All Can Use

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Blake Lively, the renowned Hollywood actress and a mother of 4, is currently in the spotlight for sharing a captivating photo of herself in a bikini. The image showcases her impressively toned and radiant post-baby body, despite having recently given birth to her fourth child.

More notably, Lively’s remarkable transformation is a result of her straightforward and practical approach to fitness, never resorting to fad diets or over-the-top routines. As per her personal trainer, Blake’s fitness regimen is simple and effective, which can be replicated by anyone, making it a must-try for anyone seeking a healthy lifestyle.

She’s consistent with her workouts.

Regular exercise is a crucial part of achieving your dream body, but after a long day at work, it can be challenging to motivate yourself to hit the gym. The former star of Gossip Girl knows this all too well and strives not to miss her workout sessions. However, Lively doesn’t believe in over-exerting herself to achieve results. “She’s really trying to show that level of consistency and I think that’s what it comes down to,” the actress’s trainer, Don Saladino, said.

“It’s just that most people out there have to understand that this isn’t about coming in and stepping on the gas and going as hard as you can every workout. That’s the biggest mistake that people make.” The trainer added, “The reality is, it’s never gonna be a perfect scenario, right? There are always going to be things getting in your way. That’s just life. Just get in there and move.”

She keeps her workouts short.

According to studies, shorter workout sessions can be more effective for weight loss and reducing body fat. For instance, people who exercised for only 30 minutes per day were found to have better weight loss results than those who worked out for an hour every day. If you’re looking for effective workouts, consider shorter sessions.

“What she did was very doable,” Saladino explained. “We weren’t in [the gym] for 3, 4, 5 hours a day. It was max an hour. Maybe a couple of special days it went over a little bit, but the reality is she has a baby, and she’s a working woman,” he shared.

She doesn’t underestimate the importance of good nutrition.

Maintaining good health requires more than just staying fit. It’s equally important to ensure that you’re getting enough essential nutrients. So, if you want to stay healthy, make sure you’re eating a well-balanced diet that provides all the necessary nutrients.

“Your plate should look colorful. Your plate should have your protein on it. Your plate should have your vegetables on it. Your plate should have your slow-burning carbohydrates on it,” Saladino advised.

She likes to cook.

If you’re someone who eats out frequently, you might find it tempting to indulge in fries or a delicious burger. However, cooking your own meals at home can be an effective way to get in shape faster.

According to Saladino, Lively is a fan of cooking and makes time for it whenever possible. “She cooks a lot of her own stuff. She really enjoys the kitchen and didn’t have a private chef,” he said.

Preview photo credit blakelively / Instagram


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