16 People Who Have “Extraordinary” Ways of Doing Things

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Some people’s brains may be wired differently, according to a study. For example, researchers found that in a group of people, there will only be 1 or 2 individuals who will come up with unusual ideas compared to the rest of the group. And these photos show how some people can, indeed, be unique thanks to their perplexing and unorthodox way of doing things.

1. “How they fixed the pavement near my house”

2. “After I went out to shut off the smoker and put the cover on, I came back to my wife having eaten all the chicken skin.”

3. “How my son shovels”

4. “How my husband wrote the date that he opened this orange juice”

5. “How they cut this pizza”

6. “I just found out how my wife softens butter.”

7. “The way my husband opened this bag of diapers...”

8. “My boyfriend’s roommate doesn’t wash his pan between uses.”

9. “This is how they ’fixed’ the sidewalk.”

10. “I asked my husband to hang the mirror above my dresser.”

11. “This guy at my work never drinks the whole Coca-Cola.”

12. “One of the drawers at my doctor’s office that always annoys me”

13. “I tore my rotator cuff, so my husband told me he’d finish the interior painting downstairs. He says he’s done.”

14. “How to not let people get on the stairs”

15. “How my husband cuts his sandwich”

16. “How my boyfriend folds socks vs how they should be folded”

Do you have a photo of something that baffled you as well? Do you know anyone who likes to do things or solve problems differently?


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The roommate's skillet 🤢🤮 needs thrown out in the trash! It's a wonder that they haven't gotten sick or something from that skillet, it's freaking disgusting! That's so disturbing to me, I'm shook!


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