Boyfriend the Pillow and 10 Other Hilarious Gifts for Really Close Friends

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In recent studies, psychologists have noticed that the feeling of joy lasts much longer for those people who give presents to others. At the same time, the joy of receiving gifts passes rather quickly. The ability to share and give is a direct path to a happy life, this is now scientifically confirmed! Here are some fun ideas for things you can order from Amazon right now.

1. A full body pillow in the shape of the perfect buff guy for your best friend

If your friend can’t find her ideal guy, just give him to her! Jokes aside, this is a really comfortable pillow that can be used for its intended purpose. Both fun and practicality in one gift!

2. The most unpretentious pet in the world for your allergic friend.

Yes, it’s a stone. But if your friend dreams of having a pet, and their health or their job does not allow them to, then this is the ideal option. This gift will definitely make them smile!

3. This sticky chicken catapult is a great way to relax and laugh in the middle of a busy day.

Pull and release! This chicken sticks to surfaces, invariably bringing laughter to children and adults alike. And you can also crumple it in your hands like an anti-stress toy!

4. A popular anti-stress toy that will make its owner a calma llama.

A fun squeezy toy that feels so good to crumple in your hands. If your friend is a fan of llamas, this gift will get them right in the heart. It’s also a great little surprise for colleagues.

5. A funny box with a panda that will pick up a coin with its paw.

This fun piggy bank will pick up your coin and even say thank you! It will amuse your frugal friend. And maybe this little creature inside will drive your or your friend’s cat crazy, and you can get a lot of funny videos!

6. Reusable straws that you have to rack your brains over before drinking.

This fun straw builder lets you create a new drink design every time! This will appeal to adults and children and will be a great workout for the brain.

7. Fish-shaped flip flops for the beach or pool that are sure to make your friend chortle.

These flip-flops are soft, flexible, comfortable, and... so funny! We think this Secret Santa gift idea will make a splash! You can choose one of the many fish designs or order all at once for a large group. Throw a pool party in these crazy flip-flops!

8. A funny desktop warning sign for your aging friend.

If your friend often forgets about little things, maybe it’s time to give them this sign! Laugh about it together. Caution! This is only for friends with a great sense of humor.

9. The cutest mug with a message for your beloved aunt

We couldn’t get past this mug! If you have an aunt that you appreciate with all your heart, this is for her. Make her smile. An everyday ceramic mug with a special message will warm her heart!

10. If you’ve never gifted a friend toilet paper before, then maybe you’re still not close enough!

5 rolls of paper covered in silly jokes will keep your friend entertained while they’re doing something big. The manufacturer promises that these jokes are suitable for all ages, which means they will not cause embarrassment. And we totally understand if you want to keep one roll for yourself!

11. Another way to get the perfect guy is to just grow him!

You’ve probably seen the same version of this as a grow-your-own dinosaur for kids. Why not do the same with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Just put it in water and wait a day or 2. We are sure that unpacking this gift will at least provoke a laugh attack!


If you could choose from anything, what would you like to find under the Christmas tree this year?

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