Bright Siders Share 20+ Photos of Their Pets Who Make Every Day Into a Warm Memory

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Psychologists believe that people with pets have “greater self-esteem, are more physically fit, and tend to be less lonely” compared to those without. More importantly, however, is that animals are the best at cheering us up and making our lives that much brighter.

Our Bright Side readers generously shared photos of their furry buddies that always put a smile on their face, and we invite you to share their love.

1. “Pure love.”

2. “Who said dogs and cats can’t be best friends?”

3. “This was the day we picked up Raymond at the airport after his flight from Sydney. We were only meant to foster him. We failed.”

4. “No work today!”

5. “My cat hugs my arm and sleeps on the table every day when I work from home.”

6. “Fell asleep in momma’s arms.”

7. “This is how my cat sits.”

8. “Our Ruby is very debonair.”

9. “Best cuddle buddy”

10. “Our cat kept scaling our tall fence, so my husband built her a window/perch through the fence.”

11. “Oh how they melt hearts.”

12. “My daughter and her kitten — the 2 are inseparable!”

13. “This is the way our dog looks at my husband when he comes home after being gone all day.”

14. “Is this supposed to be me?”

15. “This is Simba. He loves playing outside, but comes inside from time to time just to check if I’m still ok.”

16. “Go away, hooman, it’s nap time.”

17. “This 18 pounder is Shoka and he is definitely loved!”

18. “My cat showing she loves me”

19. “Such a cutie.”

20. “My daughter and my boy in deep sleep. Priceless.”

21. “Maverick’s sneaky plan to catch Santa.”

22. “This is Shae. Enjoying a cupcake.”

23. “My baby cat Selina. My boyfriend moves in and it’s like I don’t exist anymore.”

24. “We just got a new dog. Our other dog is a LOT smaller than her. This is her trying to fit into his crate even though hers is right next to it.”

We can never get enough of seeing your pets, so share more photos of your cuties with us!

Preview photo credit Kayla Merola / Facebook


#5 is so awww. Love it when you little purring boy comes for that hug ❤
they just come into our lives and make it brighter. I don't know what I would do without my puppy!?

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