Brother Lets 3-Year-Old Sister Shave His Head, So She Doesn’t Feel Alone While Battling Cancer

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Kohen Bowden did not need words to tell his little sister Lula Beth, who is battling cancer, that he is right there for her. His love for his sister was loud and clear when he offered to have his head shaved too, after learning that his sister had to do it. He may not be able to get rid of her illness for her, but he shows up to support her. The photos of Lula Beth shaving his head is a very strong symbol of her fighting her own battles, but with support from her brother.

We at Bright Side were touched by the strength of this little girl and the bond she shares with her brother. We believe that their story will make you want to go hug your loved ones.

“Cancer doesn’t care if you’re 3, 30, or 60.”

Kristin Bowden said that March 2020 was the messiest day of their lives. It was then that Lula Beth began to feel sick and they had to visit a number of doctors because her diagnoses didn’t add up. It was only after taking her to the ER, and doing multiple tests that a tumor was found on her kidney. Lula Beth had to undergo a surgery to remove the tumor and follow it up with chemotherapy treatments.

“Cancer doesn’t care if it makes your hair fall out.”

Chemotherapy means that Lula Beth would eventually lose her beautiful golden locks. Kristin felt a pit in her stomach about it and she braced herself for 10 weeks for the moment that she’d have to tell Lula Beth she’d have to shave her hair. While giving Lula Beth’s brother Kohen a haircut, where she was buzzing his hair, she said to her “This may be what we have to do to your hair at some point.”

To Kristin’s surprise, Lula Beth’s reply was, “Let’s do it right now!” At that moment Kristin realized that her sweet girl was not afraid of anything, despite being very young and that she has been a light for their family during this trying time. She wrote, “Cancer is tough, but she is tougher!⁣ Fight like a kid.⁣ Fight like my Lula. She is my hero.⁣ She was destined to fight and inspire.”

But cancer cannot beat the support of a loving brother.

After Kohen found out what his sister was about to do, he asked to shave his head like his sister’s. Not only that, he even let his 3-year-old kid sister do the shaving. Their mother, who is a photographer by trade, captured the essence of this moment and shared the precious photos online.

They have garnered an outpouring of support from everyone. Strangers have wished the best for their family, using the #lulabethstrong hashtag to give their support and some have even donated to them. Within the family, a number of them have also shaved their heads to show their support, just like Kohen did.

Kristin gives updates of their struggles and healing, in detail, and they gave a voice to parents of children with cancer and kids who are battling cancer themselves. Just a few months after the heartbreaking news that her daughter had a tumor, Kristin herself found out that she had a tumor growing on her ovary. Like her daughter, she went in for a surgery to have it removed, along with her ovary.

But shortly thereafter Kristin was grateful to receive the good news that her tumor was not harmful and hence, not worrisome. Lula Beth’s latest scan was also clear of any signs of disease. The road ahead looks bright for them. Their struggles strengthened their bond as a family and proved that you can face anything if you have someone who loves you to support you.

Do you know anyone in your life who has gone through a similar hardship? Give them some love by sharing this beautiful story and telling them how strong they are!


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