The First Mother Who Became Miss Universe 2023 Revealed How She Broke Pageant Stereotypes

7 months ago

The Miss Universe 2023 pageant is making a groundbreaking move by allowing married women and mothers to participate. Notably, Camila Avella, Miss Colombia 2023, is the trailblazing contestant, being the first-ever married Miss Universe participant and a mother with a husband and child. She also has made history by becoming the first mother to reach the Top 5 in Miss Universe 2023.

Breaking the stereotypes.

After facing a setback in 2018, Camila returned five years later to represent her country. During this time, she got married and started a family. These experiences have made her feel more confident and prepared for the competition, proving that anything is achievable and there are no limits to what she can achieve.

Camila shared her deep passion for representing her home region, Casanare, and challenging stereotypes. Her goal was to become the first woman from Casanare to compete in Miss Colombia, and she achieved her dream by winning the crown.

“My passion started because my department, Casanare, never sent many women to Miss Colombia to participate. I wanted to be the first girl to do it. Nowadays, that dream has come true, I became the first contestant from Casanare to get the crown.”

“One of my biggest wishes was for my people in Colombia to find Casanare on the map. I feel proud that I was born and raised there. I’m a woman that always feels that attachment to her land, her culture, her race, to show what we’re made of,” Camila revealed.

She had to postpone her dream.

Participating in pageants has been her long-time dream. She even received the decree accrediting her as the official representative of her Casanare department for the upcoming Miss Colombia 2018 edition. However, certain circumstances arose, compelling her to postpone her dream.

As she sought to move forward, she decided to marry and start a family. During this period, she believed that her chances of being crowned had passed. However, when she learned that Miss Universe was now allowing married women and mothers to participate, she realized that her opportunity had arrived.

“I think what Miss Universe is doing is very important because they’re showing the inclusion they’ve discussed over past years. One role will not define us, and we’re finally breaking down those stereotypes that have held us back for so long. Ultimately, that Miss Universe decision motivated me to try again,” Camila said.

Her husband provides her with unwavering support.

When Camila was asked about her husband’s support, the 28-year-old explained, “When my husband and I got married, we knew that we were going to support each other’s goals and dreams because that’s what marriage is about. It’s about teamwork.”

Even after welcoming their first daughter, they persist in supporting each other’s dreams and goals. They aim to demonstrate to their daughter that the sky is the limit.

“When my daughter was born, our priority became her, and we understood that as parents, we had the responsibility of showing her that she will never limit our achievements. It’s been the opposite; she’s pushed us to achieve our goals. I’ve received incredible support from my family and from Colombia,” she continued.

Camila wants to be the best mother.

Camila always wants to be the best mother, inspiring her daughter by working hard and achieving her dreams.

“What I want with my daughter is to always be the best mother I can be for her, the best wife I can be for my husband, and above everything else, the best woman I can be,” Camila said.

Even so, she doesn’t try to be ‘perfect.’ She understands that life is filled with imperfections, and the key lies in embracing both the triumphs and the challenges.

“That’s something that I’ve always wanted to inspire in her, and that I know in a few years when she sees my interviews, she’ll be like, ‘Wow, it’s so nice to see my mom achieving her goals, that she never considered me to be a limitation,’” she elaborated.

Not only does Camila want to inspire, but as Miss Colombia and Miss Universe contestant, she also aims to uplift other children.

“I want women to teach their children that they’re not a limitation, that a child is the most beautiful thing that exists. Of course, everyone’s life experience is different, but once we understand that the love that our kids give us is so beautiful, I think our thoughts will change,” she said.

Being a parent is not a simple role. We must set a good example for our children, just like this mom who became the first Mom-Champ in Martial Arts. She sets the bar high and shows her children that mothers are strong in every way.

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