Change Your White Un-berry-able Bathroom and Make It One-of-a-Kind

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When we think of a bathroom, we envision a white, simple, and uninspiring room. But the space around us should bring us joy, and the toilet is the centerpiece of our bathroom. Can you imagine living without it at all? That sounds extremely difficult, and there is no reason to neglect it. It’s time to pull out the strawberry toilet seat, since we don’t have time for a boring life.

Not only did we find this fabulous item, but we also have many more strawberry-themed goods to make your life berry sweet!

In general, we might have some unpleasant associations with the toilet. This can easily be dispelled by simply changing the toilet seat.

Did you know that toilets are white because they are made of porcelain, and we associate this color with cleanliness? But our house, our rules. We can have a toilet in any color! While changing the toilet’s color might be tricky, you can replace the toilet seat on your own.

Rarely on the Internet can you find such interesting and, most importantly, quality products at an affordable price, items that have a unique design and that are not like every other item in the minimalist style.

Strawberries bring us joy and remind us of warm summer days. We usually associate these berries with the color red, but what’s interesting is that there are also white, pink, yellow, and even golden berries.

By adding red elements to your décor, you can energize the mind and body. The color red is associated with good fortune, happiness, and success in China and also keeps the devil away so that it can’t get to you through the toilet.

This toilet cover measures 47 cm L x 37.7 cm W. It is built of strong, durable wood. The lid provides a very comfortable seat because of its unique craftsmanship and high-quality materials. The toilet lid shuts softly and silently thanks to the built-in soft-closing mechanism.

As a result, the toilet seat’s surface is protected, and the product lasts longer. It can be quickly and simply connected to any conventional floor-standing or wall-hung toilet bowl. The toilet seat is easy to clean with any common home cleaner, and it has a unique antibacterial surface.

Promising reviews:

  • Awesome. We put a strawberry air freshener in the WC and tell people it’s a scratch-and-sniff toilet! @Richy Riches
  • My bottom has never felt so spoiled! Really comfortable and great quality. Easy to fit and keep clean. I would definitely recommend this toilet seat. @Willow
  • Better than described! I am so happy with this product. I got the strawberry for its novelty, and it is truly very well-designed, well-crafted, and the detail is better than described. The better part is the construction. It is very heavy-duty. The hinges and hardware are better quality than seats and I have paid almost twice as much for the same things at my local big brand-name hardware centers.
    Buy it, sit on it, do your thing, and I believe you will agree. Made for crappin’ but not crappy! @Brian T.
  • It’s just like sitting on a strawberry! It’s super cute! And it seems very well-made. I love that the seat and lid are both slow to close. @StenoWolf
  • Berry cute. It’s just so cute and amazing. The colors are definitely more vibrant in person. I wish I had more toilets to personalize now. @Kyleigh
  • After having to replace a toilet seat several times due to poor quality, I decided to pay a bit more in hopes of finding something with superior quality. This product fit the bill, and I was very happy with it. I’ve had it for 18 months, and one of the hinges has sheared off. It’s in a second bathroom that doesn’t get a lot of use, so I was disappointed and decided to let the seller know.
    They immediately dispatched a replacement hinge without a quibble. This is the kind of company I’d come back to. Things can go wrong with even the best quality products — it’s what the supplier does about it that counts. @Fi G

Buy the strawberry toilet seat on Amazon HERE

Bonus: Cherry-pick some strawberry-themed goods from this list to live a sweet and juicy life.

6. Get a strawberry-scented candle in addition to the toilet seat to fully immerse yourself in the strawberry mood.

Because this jar candle contains 2 trimmed cotton wicks, it burns more cleanly and produces less soot than candles with only one wick. Additionally, it produces more light, leaves behind less wax, and emits a pure, nice smell. It is made with premium, food-grade paraffin wax and the best fragrance oils, with a high fragrance load for optimal aroma release.

Promising review: Good enough to eat! I received this today and lit it straight away to try it out. It was great, the scent was apparent almost immediately, and I could smell the scent in the living room even though I’d lit the candle in the kitchen and had the door closed. It’s as natural a strawberry scent as I think you could get.
The other half was in bed (he works nights and hadn’t realized the candle had been delivered, let alone lit), and when he came downstairs, he asked, “Have you been eating strawberries?” I reckon that’s confirmation enough!
These are now my preferred choice of candle, they have a cleaner and more even burn, great “throw” and are, of course, cheaper than similar candles. I’ll definitely be buying more of this brand. @The Underfiend

Buy the fragranced candle jar on Amazon HERE

5. Add strawberry-scented shower gel to this combination, and now you can take that fragrance with you outside the bathroom so other people can notice your strawberry vibe.

This shower gel is meant for all skin types, it’s a gentle cleanser and is vegetarian. The 250 ml bottle of strawberry shower gel contains cold-pressed strawberry seed oil with a hint of vanilla. It makes a delightfully rich lather.

Promising review: A lovely, refreshing shower gel with a great strawberry scent. This was recommended and I’m pleased with the quality, being a fan of the Body Shop. It arrived extra quickly and well-packed. I would highly recommend it. @Ruby Mae

Buy the strawberry shower gel on Amazon HERE

4. After a strawberry shower, all that’s left to do is sleep on a strawberry bed and dream about strawberry ice cream.

This duvet cover set includes 2 pillowcases (50 cm x 75 cm) and a single duvet cover (135 cm x 200 cm). It is made of high-quality fabric that is 100% polyester microfiber, wrinkle and fade-resistant, and hypoallergenic, and it gives you a soft, cozy feeling. It is reversible, so both sides can be used individually. Simply flip your duvet cover set over to change up the look of your bedroom whenever you wish.

Promising review: I absolutely love this set! It’s so soft and feels nice when it comes into contact with my skin! There are only 2 things that I’m not particularly happy about, but it wouldn’t stop me from buying another one. It doesn’t have a label with care instructions. You can find all the details in the description, so you just have to memorize at what temperature you can wash it, and another thing is you can’t dry it in a tumble dryer, so you’ve got to hang this on the bathroom door, but apart from that, absolutely love the purchase!!! And I would buy it again!!! @Renata

Buy the duvet cover set on Amazon HERE

3. And to keep that strawberry spirit with you, you can bring an anti-stress toy to work or school. It will help you relax and serve as a reminder that a full strawberry experience is waiting for you at home.

This scented squish is made of PU foam and is non-toxic. It is 9 cm x 8 cm x 10 cm. The fragrance will return to normal after ventilating the squish for 1–7 days. Regardless of how hard you squeeze it, it quickly returns to its original shape.

Promising review: It’s exactly like the picture, and I love it. It smells sooo good!! I got it so I could have something to keep me entertained. <3 You should buy this. @michelle pearce

Buy the scented strawberry squish on Amazon HERE

2. These gnomes will protect your house and act as house spirits by inviting the strawberry energy inside. They’re great as a gift or as home décor.

Gnomes are said to guard their homes and protect humans from harm. They are viewed as spirits that bring money, love, and health into the house and can bring good luck to the family. Each strawberry dwarf is handcrafted.

Promising review: The cutest little strawberry gnomes ever! I was expecting these to be a little bigger, but they ended up being perfect for what I needed them for, and their size makes them that much sweeter and cuter! I have not seen anything else like them, and the price wasn’t terrible either. Recommend! @AAJ

Buy the strawberry gnomes on Amazon HERE

1. And of course, to live a fabulous life in strawberry paradise, you can use this strawberry tool for your convenience.

This tool is ideal for batch baking — whether you enjoy making jam, cakes, or have your own tiny strawberry patch, it will come in very handy. A simple push-button action cuts through berries in seconds, and hulls may be dumped into a container for mess-free preparation. It is dishwasher safe, BPA free, and measures just 3 cm (1″), for compact storage.

Promising review: It changed the way I experienced strawberry eating for the better! A must-buy little gadget! Normally, when eating strawberries, you wash them and then consciously have to hold back all the leaves at the stem while you make sure your bite takes 90% of the strawberry, but carefully, so as not to bite as far as the leafy stem. This little device changes it all! Yes, spend a bit of time quickly plucking the stem/core/leafy area (you will get proficient at it after a couple of tries), deal with this preparation time, be patient! And now you have a basket of fresh, cool, washed, core-less strawberries that you can throw into your mouth one after the other without having to worry about throwing down cores with leaves! I get through so many more strawberries than I used to as I get carried away with how easy it is to throw them into my mouth. YUM!!! @HH

Buy the strawberry huller tool on Amazon HERE

If you were locked in a bathroom for 24 hours, what would you do?

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