Chinese Artist Creates Amazingly Sensitive Tattoos Using Rare Watercolor

2 years ago

Chinese tattoo artist Chen Jie creates true works of art. We are amazed with how original and visually simple they are. She has more than 240 thousand followers thanks to her unique style. We recommend you enjoy these little masterpieces.

Bright Side has collected the most charming works from this artist, especially for you.

Chen Jie’s pictures look so light that it seems that they are made with a brush and watercolors.

The artist is like a landscape designer — she makes the body look special.

Her work is a modern take on the art of the ancient times. Old Chinese art and calligraphy are her biggest sources of inspiration.

Her minimalism and her dynamic style make her works similar to the Ukiyo-e style — a genre of Japanese art.

The artist obviously prefers natural images, but sometimes there are characters from popular movies in her works.

And just a little bit of cuteness.

Would you like to have this piece of art on your body? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit chenjie.newtattoo, chenjie.newtattoo


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