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Show us a person who does not love flowers. But with autumn comes fewer and fewer fresh flowers, and colorful flowerbeds are replaced by autumn leaves. But there is a solution: this LEGO bouquet will not only immerse you in the interesting world of Lego, but it will delight you in any season.

Do not miss the bonus, where we have collected additional sets, so there will always be a lot of flowers in your home.

4.9 stars out of 5

Number of pieces: 756

Let your imagination run wild and create a stunning, vibrant, and timeless flower arrangement that will amaze people. This LEGO flower bouquet consists of a variety of flower types with realistic shapes. The flowers have customizable elements: movable petals and leaves, with an adjustable stem length to create beautiful compositions for the home.

The bouquet consists of flowers like “roses,” “snapdragons,” “poppies,” “asters,” “daisies,” and herbs. This decorative bouquet is made of plastic elements, which are made from environmentally friendly sugar cane.

This bouquet will match any decor and can be combined with any vase.

This set of flowers is a great gift for a friend or loved one for any holiday, or even no occasion at all. It will never wilt and will be a pleasure to assemble.

Check out some reviews from people who have already decorated their homes with these flowers and shared their impressions:

I bought it as a Valentine’s gift for my wife. We had fun building them, and they are now on permanent display. Way better than a bunch of flowers, these will last for years and stay vibrant and beautiful. @Byte_my_pixel

I bought these because I was sick of buying flowers that kept on dying. I got these and really enjoyed making them. @Conor

I bought it as a “joke” birthday gift for a daughter who has multiple allergies, so she has a very restricted list of houseplants and can’t have scented flowers in the house. She was thrilled with these and said they were so much more fun than silk artificial flowers. @Dr Rosemary Bailey

I bought this as a birthday present for my sister. She enjoyed the building and the end result of these beautiful flowers. She has made quite a few models out of LEGO kits, and she wasn’t disappointed with this one. @Mrs. W. E. Lee

I have seen these LEGO sets built, and they look great, which is why I bought one when we moved into our new home. Great price and, as always, fast delivery. @Amazon Customer

You can buy this bouquet on Amazon now

Bonus: If one bouquet isn’t enough for your flower collection, or if you’re looking for flowers that don’t require watering, check out these options!

1. With this LEGO Royal Strelition set, you can bring a unique plant into your home without having to worry about it. All you have to do is assemble this flower and admire it!

4.7 stars out of 5

Number of pieces: 1,173

This flower will add a bright and unique element to your home decor. It is made of plastic and can be combined with a bonsai set.

Promising review: I wanted a plant that I didn’t need to water, and this fit the bill! It was easy to build with easy-to-follow instructions. It looks fantastic! @Melissa Bragg

You can buy this Royal Strelition set on Amazon now

2. This flower will be the center of attention in any home or office. The kit includes a bonsai model with a rectangular planter and a wooden slatted frame made of LEGO bricks. With the interchangeable parts, you can create an artificial plant with classic green leaves or bright pink cherry blossoms.

4.8 stars out of 5

Number of pieces: 878

LEGO fans will be thrilled with the brand-new building techniques and unexpected shapes and colors of this Bonsai Tree set. This handmade set is a great gift for all hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers.

Promising review: As usual, LEGO never disappoints. My son and I made this together and had lots of fun doing so. The design is fabulous, and the attention to detail is spot-on. @Plantofski

You can buy this Bonsai Tree set on Amazon now

3. This set consists of 9 different succulents that don’t require maintenance. Inspired by real plants, this set will add a modern touch to your space. Admire the different shapes, textures, and colors that make up the display, with each plant modeled after a real variety.

4.9 stars out of 5

Number of pieces: 771

Place plants together, in small groups or individually, to create a unique look. There are 3 instructions for assembling 9 different plants, so you can enjoy this set with friends or family. There are LEGO elements hidden in the set that are inspired by other sets. Try to find them all!

Promising review: I loved this set. It was nice to be able to build each succulent in less than 10 minutes. Some bigger builds can feel overwhelming, while this gives almost instant gratification. I had to ration this out to myself, to stretch the enjoyment out a little longer. It looks super cute mingled in with my real plants. @Louise

You can buy this succulent set on Amazon now

4. This stylish model, designed after a real orchid, includes 6 large flowers, 2 just-opened blossoms, and a blue fluted vase. Rotate the stems, flowers, roots, and leaves of the model to achieve the desired look and rearrange the stems to create new flower arrangements.

4.8 stars out of 5

Number of pieces: 608

With this orchid, you can create a low-maintenance but original plant arrangement to decorate your office or home. The set has hidden LEGO elements inspired by other sets that you can try to find!

Promising review: The one piece of LEGO the wife has not complained about. It looks great next to our other flowers and blends in so much that we have had guests shocked that they’re plastic LEGOs! @MR BRYK

You can buy this orchid set on Amazon now

5. This set consists of 2 red roses, which can become a separate decoration for your interior, as well as a great addition to other flower LEGO sets.

4.8 stars out of 5

Number of pieces: 120

This set is a great gift for those who like to make something with their own hands. These roses will bring elegance and sophistication to your home.

Promising review: Amazing product! Such a fun, easy way to treat yourself or a loved one! I bought these for myself and again for my mom for her birthday! So easy and fun to make for all ages! I highly recommend it. @Amazon Customer

You can buy this rose set on Amazon now

Do you like to use flowers as decor in your home? Who in your family takes care of the flowers in your home?

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#2 The bonsai tree. When you use the pink cherry blooms, you'll notice that many of them are in the shape of little frogs. They're absolutely adorable. Little pink frogs as blooms on a tree are the cutest thing ever!


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