Fans Concerned After Sofía Vergara Pulls Modern Family Reunion With One Notable Absence

7 months ago

The cast of Modern Family got back together for their first reunion since the show ended in 2020, but one key star was missing. Sofía Vergara posted a photo featuring the on-screen family gathered in black attire, holding a framed picture of Ty Burrell, 56, causing a stir among fans.

Intensifying the funeral ambiance, a picture frame was placed over the fireplace, creating the semblance of a memorial display. The cast also shouted “we miss you Ty” and “love you, dad” at the photo.

“Holding the pic of Phil like he’s deceased,” wrote one fan, while another said, “Who else had to Google search if Phil dead or not?”

This sparked concern that Ty Burrell, who played dad Phil Dunphy, was unwell. However, it’s important to note that the actor is perfectly fine. His absence from the big reunion, despite the impression Sofía’s post may have given, is likely due to other commitments.

“For 11 years we would take family pictures for Modern Family and without missing one ever, I would always say, ’now let’s do one without Ty.’ Last night Ty couldn’t make it to our little impromptu reunion, so I had to bring his favorite picture of Phil so we could ‘do one without Ty,’” explained Stonestreet, who played Cameron Tucker.

In one picture that captured the swift passage of time, Ariel and her on-screen sister Sarah struck a pose while looking toward the camera. They began the show as youngsters, with Sarah at 18 and Ariel at a mere 11. Now, they have blossomed into adults, with Sarah currently being 33 and Ariel at 25. Nolan, who portrayed their brother and was a child when the show started, has also quite grown up.

In a particularly heartwarming image, Sofía is seen cozying up on the sofa with Ed O’Neill, who played her on-screen husband.

Sofía’s heartwarming reunion with her Modern Family castmates took place four months after news of her separation from her husband, Joe Manganiello.


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