Four Single Moms Decided to Share ONE House and Don’t Miss Having Men Around

2 months ago

Being a single mom is not easy. From balancing everyday jobs to household chores, they also have to deal with rent and house bills alone. But the four moms we will meet today found a genius way to manage everything.

Everything started with the newly divorced friends Holly Harper and Herrin Hopper. They often joke about how living in the countryside would be a dream, raising their kids together and allowing their ex-husbands to visit them. Until the circumstances changed, and the joke rapidly became a reality. In only 1 day they found their home.

But the bills were still too much to handle. To help them out, they decided to rent their basement. Leandra quickly joined the household. The trio were living in such good harmony that they decided to extend their rent deal and asked Jen to move in, too. Now, their home was complete.

Hopper mentioned in an interview, “There is almost a spiritual safety net every day here.”

They built a strong sisterhood. At least one mom is constantly available to help with the kids and take care of everything. Their children also liked this new way of life, “There’s always someone to play a game with,” Harper said.

Their deal is so fine that they plan to extend it and ask more moms to join in. In fact, they also named the house “Siren House.” They believe “Siren” is a form of feminist power. Hopper said, “We’re building a community. We sort of have the siren song, so we bring people together.”

Children raised by single mothers by choice thrive just as well as those in two-parent families. So we can only imagine how well the kids of a 4-mom family will turn out.

Preview photo credit TODAY / YouTube


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