Freaky Friday 2 Set to Hit Screens Soon

2 weeks ago

«You’re not my mother!» «Yes, I am.» «Get away, you clone freak!» «Don’t you use that tone with me!» «Oh my God, you are my mother!» This quote from the beloved comedy Freaky Friday will evoke bittersweet nostalgia for most of us. It’s no wonder that when Jamie Lee Curtis hinted that the sequel to the comedy is in production, fans couldn’t believe she wasn’t joking. Now, let’s explore the excitement and anticipation surrounding the potential return of this iconic film duo.

When Jamie Lee Curtis posted a selfie with Lindsay Lohan on her Instagram account with the intriguing caption «DUH! FFDEUX!» hinting that the second part of Freaky Friday is coming out, people rushed to comment. «One of the best movies of a generation,» one user wrote. «I can’t explain how happy this makes me. Best Disney mommy-daughter duo,» another follower added. «Anyone else want to be BFFs with these two?» another user jokingly asked.

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The actress continued to intrigue her Instagram followers by making another post shortly after. She shared a shot from a beloved comedy, leaving only a green check mark in the caption.

Rumors of a sequel to «Freaky Friday» started in October 2022 when Curtis talked about it on «The View.» She mentioned reaching out to Disney. Since then, both Curtis and Lohan have shown they’re excited to reunite for another body-swapping comedy.

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Based on Mary Rodgers’ 1972 book, «Freaky Friday» has been made into various films, from TV specials to full-length movies.

The 2003 film, directed by Mark Waters and featuring Lohan and Curtis, is the most famous. It received great reviews and is a favorite among kids, who enjoyed seeing them swap roles as mother and daughter.

Walt Disney Pictures/AF Archive/Mary Evans Picture Library/East News

Freaky Friday tells the story of Anna Coleman (played by Lohan), an unhappy teenager and aspiring musician who lives with her therapist mother, Tess (played by Curtis), about to remarry.

Alongside typical high school challenges like grades and frenemies, Anna grapples with her mother’s new relationship with Ryan (played by Mark Harmon). Adding to the stress are Tess’s strict rules. Tensions boil over during a heated argument, but an unexpected twist occurs when both Anna and Tess read from a fortune cookie—they swap bodies, experiencing each other’s lives firsthand.

Similar to Jamie Lee Curtis, another celebrity, Demi Moore, embraces aging gracefully. Even in her 60s, she remains stunning in swimsuits. While her youthful appearance might puzzle some, Moore attributes her beauty secrets to the practice of self-care and nurturing a positive outlook.

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