Good News: Now You Can Get a Tattoo Your Granny Would Approve Of

4 years ago

Embroidery is a craft that many of us associate with the warm and caring hands of our grandmas. One of the latest tattoo trends places pieces of intricate embroidery right on people’s skin, and they look avant-garde and nostalgic at the same time. These tattoos stand out from the skin and look like 3D clothing patches that people wear right on their bare skin.

Here at Bright Side we’ve gathered some fine samples of “embroidered” tattoos for you that look like they were threaded right through the skin.

Works by artist Fernanda Ramirez:

Artist Duda Lozano creates tattoos that look like embroidered iron-on patches:

Apart from embroidery tattoos, artist Paulina Oliver creates tattoos that look like beaded bracelets and patches:

Tattoos by artist Ksu Arrow look like traditional floral embroideries:

Tattoo artist Alicia Casale chooses bright colors and broad stitches for her works:

Do you like the style of embroidery tattoos? Do you have a tattoo? What’s the story behind it?

Preview photo credit fertattoo2406 / Instagram


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These look so cute! I totally agree our grannies would approve them.


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