Naomi Watts Openly Shares Her Unexpected Menopause Journey

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Thanks to the upsurge in female health advocates and some vocal celebrities, the stigma and mystery surrounding menopause are finally starting to fade away. One of those famous female stars is gorgeous actress Naomi Watts, whose experience with menopause has not been an easy one, but she’s decided to share it with the world and raise awareness of this natural life transition that every woman will encounter sooner or later.

When she experienced early menopause at the age of 36, just at the time when she was planning to have kids. The famous actress says that this sent her into a ’’complete panic’’ and she felt lonely and confused. She faced many difficulties, including fertility problems, and had nobody to talk to about her experience. Watts shared this story with fellow actress Drew Barrymore while giving her a special menopausal face massage.

The 54-year-old actress is trying to raise awareness and help women who are going through this major change. She even organized an online support group called The Hot Spot where women can vent about their experiences to help them cope with the hormonal and emotional roller-coaster ride they’re facing.

Watts also makes good use of her Instagram account where she posts videos on the topic. In one of them, she breaks down common symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, anger, weight gain, and insomnia, just to name a few.

She hopes that spreading information about what to expect at this stage of life can help women cope better with inevitable physical and psychological changes. The gorgeous actress is keeping her attitude positive despite this being one of the most challenging periods in a woman’s life.

Watts also posted an uplifting video where she highlighted the benefits of being in menopause. She listed things like not having to deal with PMS and not having periods as some of the advantages of menopause.

But Watts is doing a lot more to spread the word about what to expect in menopause than just posting videos on Instagram. This month, she launched her own menopause brand, which offers products designed specifically to help women get through this stage of life with less stress.

But it’s more than just products, as Watts says that it’s a community that offers support to women and addresses their specific needs and concerns. The actress recalls how she felt completely confused when her menopause started and didn’t know what was happening to her mind and body.

Her goal is to normalize the conversation and end the stigma and shame surrounding this topic, and she believes women can become their best and most reliable advocates when it comes to menopause.

What’s your experience with menopause? Were you lucky enough to have supportive friends or family members to share your concerns? Tell us about it in the comments.

Preview photo credit naomiwatts / Instagram


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