Heavy Metal Music Should Be on Your Playlist, and Here’s Why

2 years ago

The most popular music is pop, while heavy metal is at the end of the list. It’s believed that this music can make people aggressive and have a bad influence on them. But scientists have proven that it can actually help us. It turns out that heavy music can boost our health and well-being.

We at Bright Side have already listened to some rock hits. You can join us after we tell you more about this.

A remedy for irritation

Feeling angry? Try listening to heavy metal. One study found that this genre helped people to cope with anger and sadness. It also decreased stress and made them feel more positive. The music matched their emotions and helped them get through.

No more worries

Another study claimed heavy metal music is one of the most calming genres. It appeared in second place for reducing anxiety. This music helped participants lower blood pressure and decrease heart rate.

Personality benefits

Lots of factors play a role in forming our personalities and music is among them. Heavy metal makes people more open to new experiences and increases their disagreement with authority, according to one bit of research.

Multiplying the effect

You see how beneficial listening to heavy metal music can be and you can increase the results if you attend a concert. Scientists proved that attending events like this regularly helps us live longer. Live events also improve our well-being and make us happier.

If you don’t know where to start, you can see a list of heavy metal hits here that is constantly updated.

How often do you listen to music? What kind of music do you prefer? You can tell everyone about your favorite song in the comments.


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I love listening to old school rock music and heavy metals. People whom I know remark it as a "stupid genre and useless shouting". I reply that it's more than that but obviously they won't understand. And rock music is one of my favourite genre.


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