Heidi Klum Deemed as “Distasteful” for Faking Her Pregnancy

10 months ago

Heidi Klum is facing criticism from some of her 10.7 million Instagram followers after staging a fake pregnancy. The supermodel, who is well-known for her creative Halloween outfits, decided to wear a very unexpected disguise on April Fools’ Day, but the reactions she received weren’t exactly all welcoming.

She wore a fake belly.

49-year-old Klum sparked immediate backlash after posing for photos with her fellow America’s Got Talent judges while donning a prosthetic baby bump.

The mother of 4 reposted a photo on her social media that had previously been uploaded by Sofia Vergara. The snap, which was captioned, ’’I’m going to be an aunt!!’’ showed Vergara kissing Klum’s fake pregnant belly.

Her other America’s Got Talent colleague, Howie Mandel, also shared the same picture and captioned it by congratulating Heidi Klum on her supposed pregnancy.

Several hours later, Heidi Klum confirmed that the news was, in fact, false. She did so by sharing a pic of Mandel wearing the fake baby bump on his own stomach and humorously wrote, ’’From me to you CONGRATULATIONS.’’

Not everyone was laughing.

The prank received backlash from many of their followers who noted that “joking about pregnancy is not a suitable April Fools’ prank,” especially since “there are many women who struggle with infertility.”

One person wrote, “I find this extremely distasteful and hurtful to those women still going through their infertility journey.” While some declared that the trio should be “ashamed” of themselves for this gag, many people demanded Klum should “apologize to everyone that’s offended.”

Motherhood is actually on Klum’s mind.

Although the news of her pregnancy turned out to be false, the possibility of us seeing Heidi pregnant for real is not that far off. In fact, the 49-year-old beauty recently opened up that she sometimes thinks about having a child with her 33-year-old musician husband, Tom Kaulitz.

When asked on the Jennifer Hudson Show if she wants to become a mom again, Heidi replied, ’’It depends what day it is, sometimes I’m here [for it], sometimes here [where I am not], you know?’’

The supermodel already has 4 kids.

Heidi Klum’s journey into motherhood began in 2004 with the birth of her first daughter Leni. She later had 3 more children with her former husband, singer Seal. Speaking of her experience as a mom, Klum noted, ’’I mean it’s a lot. I’ve done it 4 times. I breastfed 8 months each time [with my 4 kids], and then I was pregnant again.’’

Klum then reconfirmed that the idea of having a child again isn’t far-fetched, saying, ’’Now I waited a long time, so maybe [yes].’’


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