"I Waited a Long Time,’’ Heidi Klum, 49, Reveals She Wants a Child With Husband Tom Kaulitz, 33

Supermodel Heidi Klum and her husband, musician Tom Kaulitz, have been married for almost 4 years now, proving that a 16-year age gap isn’t enough to stand in the way of true love. Even at 49, Klum is not ruling out the idea of expanding her family with Kaulitz by having their first baby together. She also opened up about her upcoming fiftieth birthday and revealed her big expectations from her husband on this day.

She’s open to having more kids.

During a recent appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show, Klum was asked to play a game where she was given a paddle with ’’ja’’ (yes) and ’’ne’’ (no) written on both sides. And when asked about whether she would consider having a child again, Klum admitted, “It depends what day it is, sometimes I’m here, sometimes here, you know?” referring to both sides of the paddle in her hand.

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The supermodel had her first child, Leni, with an ex-boyfriend at the age of 30. The following year, Klum got pregnant with her first child with her ex-husband, Seal, a singer. 2 more kids followed, making Klum the mom of 4 children ages 18, 17, 16, and 13.

Speaking on motherhood, the supermodel noted, ’’I’ve done it 4 times. And I breastfed 8 months each time, and then I was pregnant again...’’

However, it seems that she is still willing to embark on a new pregnancy journey with her husband Kaulitz, as she showed the ’’yes’’ side of the paddle. Klum explained on the show, ’’Now I waited a long time, so maybe ja."

She’s turning 50 with a bang.

The America’s Got Talent judge turns 50 on June 1, and she has made it clear to her husband that she wants a ’’big birthday party’’ for the occasion.

Klum revealed, ’’I told my husband, you better get on it, it better be good.’’ She further explained, ’’Because every year it wasn’t a big birthday...you’ll always have family and friends, but I thought 50, that’s like a pretty big number.’’

Do you think there’s an age limit for motherhood?


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