Heidi Klum, 49, Reveals the Secrets to Her Natural Beauty

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At 49, Heidi Klum feels younger than ever and hopes to have another child with her husband, musician Tom Kaulitz. The supermodel is known for her ageless beauty and youthful appearance, which she attributes to her healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and good skincare. And the beauty tips that help her maintain her youthful glow are very easy to follow.

She never had fillers or injections.

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Many celebrities feel the pressure to get Botox and fillers, but Klum admits that the thought of it scares her. “I’ve never done anything. I’ve been too scared, to be honest with you. I’m scared that all of a sudden you’re changing too much, your face starts changing. I would have a hard time looking in the mirror and seeing something that I’m not used to seeing. I’d be afraid,” she shared.

She uses baby shampoo for her face.

Baby skin is gentler than adult skin and dries out much faster, and choosing the right baby shampoo can help keep their skin from getting irritated. Turns out, baby shampoo can be used as a face wash as well, and Klum swears by it.

“In the morning, I take a shower and wash my face with baby shampoo. I use baby shampoo as a face wash as it is the most gentle for your face, and it removes everything. At the end of my day, even if I am exhausted, I always wash off my make-up. For removing eye make-up, I again use baby shampoo,” she revealed.

She occasionally goes makeup-free.

Giving your skin a rest from makeup may help your skin stay hydrated for longer, keep breakouts at bay and prevent premature wrinkles. Klum is famous for her radiant skin, and she likes taking a break from makeup when she can. “When I am not working, I try to keep it very natural. Most days I don’t wear any makeup but, if I am running errands, I use a bit of a light base to even out my skin tone and a bit of blush for my cheeks to give it a bit of a glow,” she said.

She doesn’t eat late in the evening.

Eating late at night might affect your blood pressure, lead to weight gain and cause acid reflux, disrupting your sleep. Klum doesn’t believe that going to bed on a full stomach is healthy. “My last [meal] is at 6 p.m. I eat with my kids, so I think that also helps a little bit. I think that when you eat a little on the earlier side, it has time to digest, and I think it is a little bit better for your body,” she shared.

Preview photo credit Mary Evans/Allstar/Cinetext/Mark Liley/East News, Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/East News, Willy Sanjuan/Invision/East News


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