How 15 Famous Men Looked When They Were Recognized as the Most Handsome in the World and Now

2 years ago

Many big publishers vote and select the hottest men of the year on a regular basis. These men are stars from the world of cinema, music, and sports, whose photos are displayed on magazine covers or are proclaimed winners online. Such lists have been around for more than 3 decades.

We at Bright Side decided to recall the men who were once shining on magazine covers and compare how they looked the year they became winners to how they look now.

Mel Gibson — 1985 and 2022

Jean-Claude Van Damme — 1991 and 2021

Harry Hamlin — 1987 and 2021

James Denton — 2005 and 2021

Oscar De La Hoya — 1997 and 2021

Daniel Dae Kim — 2006 and 2021

Keanu Reeves — 2012 and 2021

Nick Nolte — 1992 and 2021

Tom Hiddleston — 2013 and 2022

Denzel Washington — 1996 and 2022

Patrick Dempsey — 2007 and 2022

Diego Boneta — 2015 and 2021

Harrison Ford — 1998 and 2021

Robert Pattinson — 2011 and 2022

Tom Cruise — 1990 and 2021

Cruise is 28 years old in the left photo and 59 years old in the right photo.

Which of these celebrities only started to look better with age, in your opinion? Which of these male celebrities is the most attractive to you?


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