How Jason Momoa Was Able to Fulfill His Dream of Being the Father He Always Wanted to Be

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2 years ago

Jason Momoa became known after he played tough and strong characters such as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones and Aquaman from Justice League. But beyond acting, he always had the dream of being a father and starting a family. Although he had to go through certain difficulties to get there, the first of them was being raised by a single mother. He always felt he lacked a father figure to achieve his purpose in life.

Bright Side looked into Jason Momoa’s past and how his biggest role models helped him become the best father he can be.

Jason Momoa’s full name is Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa, and he was born in Hawaii in 1979. His father, Joseph Namakaeha, is Hawaiian and a painter, while his mother, Coni Momoa, is a photographer. When he was 6 months old, his mother took him to Norwalk to be closer to her family.

Jason Momoa was raised by his mother from a very young age, as she had divorced his father and returned to her hometown. At the age of 12, he learned that he had Hawaiian ancestry on his father’s side, and began visiting him during the summers to learn more about his culture.

Although he felt a lot of affection for his parents, the actor also felt he lacked something because his father wasn’t there with his mother: “My cousins were very lucky. I was a little jealous of them because I didn’t have a father, and that’s why I wanted to be one myself,” he said.

When he had children with Lisa Bonet, he felt great joy, since his dream came true. He was able to give himself the opportunity to be the father.

Because his father figure was almost non-existent during his childhood, the actor suffered from many insecurities when his children were born: “I didn’t know what it takes to be a father. I don’t want to just tell my son, ’Because I said so.’ I want to connect, and I really want him to be vulnerable and open.”

Although he had a role in the hit series Game of Thrones, this was not enough to get his acting career off the ground, so he went through many difficulties with his newly formed family: “I couldn’t get a job. It’s very challenging when you have babies, and you’re completely in debt,” he recalled. Luckily, his situation improved when he played Aquaman.

Despite his problems, the actor loves being a dad. He wants to give his children what he lacked during his childhood, drawing inspiration from figures who served as an example to him while growing up: “Friends like Chris Hemsworth or The Rock are incredible fathers, but my inspiration is my uncles. They were my idols.”

Thanks to the bonds he had with his uncles and grandfather, he decided to take them as an example to learn how to be a good father. His mom, whom he views as a strong and feisty woman, also got his back: “My mom is an artist in every way,” the actor told. “She made me face my fears and explore the impossible to solve my problems.”

This has also led him to want to question the concept of masculinity that he acquired from society. He believes expressing feelings is just as important as understanding sensitivity as a good quality to have. In that sense, he said, “I like people who can be open, who know how to approach me and bring out the best in me. Not being afraid to embrace sensitivity is also masculine. I learned that from my mother.”

After several years of internal conflicts and fears, he managed to reconcile with his past. “I’m trying to be the best father I can be,” the actor said, adding, “I wasn’t raised by a man, I was raised by a strong woman, and I want to make peace with that too.”

Jason Momoa fulfilled his dream to have kids. And, although he is now a world-renowned actor known for his tough-guy style, he has a sensitive side that he seeks to stress in every moment of his life, both by being a loving father and by supporting his children in their dreams.

What do you like about this actor? What are the qualities you think a person should have to start a family?


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