9 Iconic Kate Middleton Jewelry That Proves She’s a True Queen of Elegance and Prestige

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Many people consider Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, to be the most iconic lady in terms of elegance and prestige. As a member of the Royal Family, her philanthropic endeavors have always been in the public spotlight, and her appearance has left an indelible mark. Sparkling pieces of jewelry from her own collection, as well as those inherited from the Queen, were the ideal addition to her world-shaking style, which genuinely expressed her spirit.

We, at Bright Side, focused our attention on Kate Middleton and picked her most famous jewels, which were timeless symbols that still speak to many of us today.

1. Pearl earrings: from 1996 to 2019

Princess Diana was given these pearl earrings by Collingwood Jewelers as a wedding gift. She wore them for the first time a month before her wedding to Prince Charles. She kept wearing them a lot after that. Kate Middleton initially wore the earrings in 2017 for a state banquet in Spain.

Kate sashays down the red carpet, undoubtedly stealing the majority of the media. This was the case in 2019 when Kate sparked a lot of interest in jewelry. Kate looked stunning in a white one-shoulder Alexander McQueen gown and diamond and pearl earrings from Princess Diana’s collection.

2. Kate uses jewels to show her emotions about the people they represent.

That’s a gold chain necklace for her children, but with a different design. It holds a sentimental message about her own family. A simple gold chain necklace with 3 charms showing the initials of her 3 children: George, Charlotte, and Louis, is one of Kate’s most valuable pieces. She paired it with a Spells of Love chain necklace.

3. Triple strand pearl bracelet: from 1989 to 2017

Diana is reported to have commissioned this triple strand pearl bracelet with circular stations in 1988 from Nigel Milne, the British crown jeweler. Diana, who was well-known for her love of pearls, wore this bracelet on numerous occasions. Perhaps the jewel’s most prominent appearance on Diana occurred during her 1989 royal tour of Hong Kong, when she wore it with Catherine Walker’s “Elvis Look.”

It wasn’t as well-known as some other pieces, so the jeweler was taken aback when he noticed Kate wearing it at a 2017 reception in Berlin.

4. “C” charm bracelet

One of the other emotionally charged pieces is a gold charm bracelet that the Duchess of Cornwall gave her as a wedding present in 2011. The bracelet has a disc etched with both of their monograms — a ’C’ for Catherine and a coronet on one side, and a ’C’ for Camilla and a crown on the other.

5. Sapphire engagement ring: from 1981 to 2021

Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring, made by court jeweler Garrard, was one of her most precious belongings.

This sapphire engagement ring is one of the most famous pieces of jewelry that Kate got from Princess Diana. The ring, which contains a 12-carat oval Ceylon surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, was given to Kate by Prince William during their engagement in 2010.

6. Gold and diamond set bracelet

This beautiful ensemble Catherine wore to the War Horse premiere may appear understated, but the diamonds have special meaning for her because they were given to her by Prince Charles after she married Prince William in 2011.

7. Sapphire drop earrings: from 1986 to 2022

This pair of sapphire drop earrings looked impressive and stunning on Kate in 2022, they were originally a wedding gift after William proposed to her. As it was back in 1986 when Princess Diana last wore them, as part of a wedding gift from Crown Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

8. Zeen white pearl and turquoise earrings

Kate Middleton and Prince William donned a combination of classic and traditional Pakistani clothing during their trip. The Duchess of Cambridge’s traditional stylish wardrobe, which includes luxury items and less expensive lesser brands, is ideal for every occasion, as is her jewelry collection.

Kate Middleton chose a traditional blue salwar kameez (a long embroidered tunic) by Maheen Khan, as well as a set of Zeen white pearl and turquoise earrings.

9. Cambridge lover’s knot tiara: from 1983 to 2018

Diana wore 2 tiaras throughout her marriage. One was a bridal present from the queen, while the other was a loan from her father. Diana had to return the queen’s tiara when her divorce was finalized because it had been a loan.

Kate inherited the jewelry upon joining the family and has been spotted wearing it on a number of formal occasions, including the 2015 annual diplomatic reception.

Which of this royal lady’s jewels do you prefer and why? What would be the most cherished piece that has been passed down through generations in your family?


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