21 Sleep Positions That Can Say a Lot About Your Future Love Life

5 years ago

All the events in our lives are connected. A movie that you watched before going to bed, for example, can affect your sleep position. And believe it or not, your sleep position can reveal some details about your future love life.

Bright Side decided to illustrate the positions people often sleep in and what these sleep positions can reveal about relationships within a couple, blockbuster style! Check it out, maybe some characters from our illustrations sleep exactly like you.

21. King Kong

  • Your love path will be long and difficult. But when you’re together you can’t be intimidated by prejudice, stereotypes, and everyone’s condemnation.
  • You know that the power of love is on your side.

20. Tangled

  • The relationship of this couple resembles a wonderful fairytale until it comes time to clean the house. Even though her hair is magical, it’s everywhere!

19. Forrest Gump

  • Your family life is like a box of chocolates, it’s full of surprises. One of the biggest surprises is when your significant other starts running in the middle of the night right in your bed.
  • If it happens quite often, try to hug them tightly and whisper into their ear, “S*** happens.”

18. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

  • You know how to guard the peace of your family’s happiness with your sincere love and loyalty.
  • Enough sleeping, sleepyheads! A good boy is waiting for you.

17. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

  • You’ve been together not for too long but you seem to be a bit tired of your marriage already. And sometimes you really want to kill each other.
  • Maybe you need to change something in your life? How about the curtains? You’ll see, it’s probably all their fault.

16. Kung Fu Panda

  • Your couple motto is, “There are no coincidences in this world.” You know for sure that there’s no secret love ingredient.
  • To find someone special, you just need to look closely to those around you. Because your special someone may just be the champion in dumpling eating.

15. Paranormal Activity

  • They wouldn’t call your relationships peaceful and careless, but you’re definitely full of imagination. Who would’ve thought to place a camera in the bedroom?

14. The Lion King

  • “Hakuna Matata” are the words that can solve all your life’s problems. And you can’t really understand why your relatives are always reminding you about responsibility. What are these things, really?

13. Pulp Fiction

  • To the outside observer, your relationships might seem totally crazy but the main thing to remember is that you perfectly understand each other in your own special way.

12. It

  • Do you live in constant fear of becoming a member of the “Losers’ Club”? Do you always want to run away from something?
  • In reality, you’d prefer to spend time with a couple of close friends instead of wasting it on endless noisy parties. And here’s a small piece of advice: always remove your makeup before going to bed!

11. Aladdin

  • Since you were a kid, people have been telling you that you’ll marry royalty. But you’ve fallen in love with a simple guy who has a kind heart.
  • You have truly magical relationships which have been lasting longer than 1,001 nights and they are as bright and colorful as the pattern on the carpet in your bedroom.

10. 300

  • You may look fragile and weak but you definitely can stand up for yourself.
  • You protect your personal space and don’t let anyone in. If you go on acting this way, you’ll lose your chance for a happy love life.

9. Fight Club

  • Intrigue, chaos, internet, games, and work — you desperately try to break the vicious cycle of your boring life which becomes shorter with every minute.
  • Remember the main rule of insomnia: Don’t text when you can’t sleep!

8. Spider-Man

  • Each of you wants to turn the world upside down for the sake of your significant other.
  • And who cares that your home isn’t that clean?

7. La La Land

  • All your life is just jazz.
  • But don’t forget that unpaid bills aren’t quite romantic.

6. Alien

  • Sometimes you think that loneliness is your lot, and your only companions are the monsters from your past. But everyone deserves to be happy!
  • Remember, even the sweetest cat can turn into a monster if you don’t feed it on time.

5. Ice Age

  • Lack of security and confidence in your future has taught you to appreciate the warmth and care of your loved one.
  • But don’t forget to buy one more blanket. This rare individual finds it hard to survive the winter.

4. Dracula

  • Are you fond of gothic novels and dream of a dangerous stranger? Maybe it’s time to give a good guy a chance for a change!
  • There are so many people willing to get on someone else’s nerves. Why would you need a personal bloodsucker?

3. Titanic

  • Nothing in this world can pull you 2 apart. Your love will live on until your hearts stop and icebergs float in the sea.

2. Fifty Shades of Grey

  • You’ve gotten used to submitting to others at work and in personal relationships and you can’t really understand what you want for yourself.
  • A safe word is what you need! You need to stop postponing your life for the sake of other people’s approval.

1. The Godfather

  • Your tempers clash like mobsters in an Italian movie but family is sacred to both of you.
  • If you haven’t proposed yet maybe it’s just the right time.

Of course, we can’t predict your future love life by the way you sleep, but it was all in good fun. Or can we? Did you recognize yourself in any of these pictures? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Illustrated by Inna Grevtseva for Bright Side


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