How Keira Knightley and James Righton’s Distinctive Lifestyle Shows Us the Road to a Healthy Marriage

Even though she never thought she’d get married because of her disinterest in matrimony from an early age, today, Keira Knightley leads one of the most successful marriages with the British musician, James Righton. But the couple doesn’t exactly conform to most celebrities’ natural order of things, making their marriage a rare thing in the world of fame.

We at Bright Side love celebrity couples who seem normal, and we’d love to reveal their secrets to having an exemplary marriage.

1. They might have opposite personalities, but they still share the same habits.

Keira Knightley and James Righton met in 2011 at a party through a common friend. We do believe that opposites attract, and Knightley confirmed that when she said, “He’s the sort of person who will be the brightest light in any room, whereas I’m the one who sits in the corner.” She also admitted with a smile that Righton is way nicer than her.

On the other hand, their habits are very predictable, as they both genuinely enjoy spending a quiet night watching movies or just talking. The Love Actually star also described that both she and her husband are “geeks,” which makes them share a lot of interests.

2. They support each other and put family first.

The couple fully embraces parenthood for their 2 daughters, six-year-old Edie and 2-year-old Delilah, and do not let money and fame outrank the family. As a result, in October 2021, the actress dropped out as the lead in Apple TV+’s The Essex Serpent in order to devote herself to their 2 daughters and their health and safety.

Moreover, the Anna Karenina actress has been candid about motherhood’s ups and downs, and as she adapted to its hardships, she always had her supportive husband to lean on. In return, the actress assured that she would be the first person by Righton’s side if he ever were in trouble.

3. They know how to balance career and personal life.

While most artists have a hard time keeping up with heavy responsibilities and tight schedules, the couple doesn’t seem to have that problem. The Pride and Prejudice star shared that no matter how busy they both might be, they always find a way to be involved in each other’s worlds to ensure they don’t grow apart.

According to Knightley, a successful marriage is all about balance, which is kind of hard to maintain as you should have your own stuff going on while also building a life together. Consequently, the actress now lives in London with her family and flies to the States occasionally when work calls her.

4. They keep their private life away from the spotlight.

Since the very start of their relationship, the couple always believed that they knew best about what they wanted out of their relationship, not the outside world. And their secretly organized wedding in Mazan, a small French village, was living proof of that.

The Imitation Game star believes that managing to have a normal life despite Hollywood’s craziness is the main key for a successful marriage. And when it comes to her personal life, Knightley has been very tight-lipped to a point where it’s rare for paparazzi to capture any of her outings with her family. Adding to that, the star is not even active on social media.

And what really helps is that Righton totally agrees with how his wife deals with privacy because he’s very secretive himself.

5. They’ve never fallen victim to unhealthy competition.

Another key element to their success is their ability to support each other’s artistic endeavors without competing. When asked if his wife’s celebrity affects his career as a musician, the Klaxons singer and keyboard player said, “The music is the music. That thing is going to be there because of who she is.”

Unfortunately, the success of the Klaxons as a band didn’t last, and Righton decided to disband in 2015, thus making Knightley undoubtedly the more famous of the 2. However, that or their different earnings have never been an issue to either of them. Moreover, The Atonement star assured that comparing salaries was never something that crossed her mind because she was not raised to think that this was anything other than normal.

On an exciting note, Righton’s first solo album, The Performer, is already out, so who knows, the actress might soon be under-earning compared to her musician husband. But it is obvious that both of them wouldn’t care less!

How do you keep your relationship strong? How do you balance your career and personal life?


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