How the Famous Cartoons of Our Childhood Have Changed Over Time

5 months ago

If there is something that has been a large part of our childhood, it is cartoons, and many still remain on the screen broadcasting new episodes. Even though they have changed, it is always a good plan to watch them and feel like a child again.

Today, in children’s channels, classics coexist with new productions. That’s why at the end of the article we prepared a bonus comparing old cartoons with those that are currently a sensation among children.

1. SpongeBob SquarePants

The fun and friendly sponge has been with us since 1997, and, like everyone else, Bob has also changed over the past 20+ years.

In the beginning, everything was hand-drawn and the colors were darker. With the passing of the episodes, the series was modernized along with new technologies. In season nine, the image quality was already sharper, as it began to be done by computer, and in the 2015 movie, 3D details were added. The popular series is still on the air, and we are waiting for its 13th season.

2. The Simpsons

In 1987, everyone’s favorite yellow family was part of a single animated segment on The Tracey Ullman Show, but its success led to its own series. Initially, the characters and scenery were rather crude, with uneven lines and unusual proportions. Then they were modified to what we know today.

The drawings were done by hand and painted in a computerized way, but in 2010, the entire production moved to digitalization, which accelerated the process of editing episodes.

As for their stories, the changes in scriptwriters caused the plot to transform constantly. In the past, we saw real and everyday life situations, but later, the series got crazier and more surreal. Although many fans believe The Simpsons lost its humor a long time ago, it continues to be a success with 31 seasons.

3. The Powerpuff Girls

The little sisters with superpowers who fight to save their city from monsters and strange creatures appeared on the Cartoon Network screen more than twenty years ago. The show had six seasons until 2004 when it stopped airing. But, in 2016, it had a reboot that was not very well received by the public. The cartoons were different and of better quality, but the storyline did not convince its fans.

Despite the failed attempt to revive one of the most popular series of the beginning of the millennium, it was recently announced that there will be live action, now with the sisters in their adulthood, which promises not to disappoint.

4. Scooby-Doo

If there is one cartoon that has been part of every generation, it is Scooby-Doo. The talking dog and his group of friends have been solving mysteries since 1969. The television franchise went on to have thirteen adaptations, the latest being Scooby-Doo and Who Do You Think, which aired in 2019.

Over the years, the drawings have changed significantly, going through different strokes and image quality.

5. Teen Titans

The DC Comics superheroes had their first animated adaptation aired on Cartoon Network in 2003. This had five seasons until 2005, but in 2013, the characters returned renewed and with a new look in Teen Titans Go!
In the first series, the characters had a comic-book look, and the plot revolved around the exploits they carried out to save the city. In the second version, they were drawn in chibi format, a type of drawing characteristic of Japanese anime. Regarding its plot, this one is a bit more childish.

6. Winx Club

The Italian series tells the life of a group of teenagers who have magical powers and live adventures while learning to use their fairy magic. It premiered in 2004, and since then, it has been on the air for eight seasons.

But over the years, the cartoons have changed, and not only did their image quality improve, but also the characters have acquired characteristics closer to anime.

7. Tom and Jerry

The classic story of the cat chasing the mouse has accompanied several generations since its beginnings, which date back to 1940. Throughout its history, these animated shorts passed through the hands of several directors and producers but always kept the essence of poor Tom and his failed attempts to catch Jerry.

Released in 2014, The Tom and Jerry Show series modernized the characters and their stories. Its image quality is also much more advanced.

8. Looney Tunes

Continuing with the old classics, the Looney Tunes are the longest-lived since their creation dates back to 1930. That year, Warner Bros. wanted to make a series of musical shorts to promote their original music, and since then, the different characters and their stories have been appearing over the years.

In addition to being an emblem of television, the Looney Tunes have movies, and even a video game, and more short films have been created, the latest being Looney Tunes Cartoons, released in 2020.

9. The Fairly OddParents

We first met the boy in the pink cap and his two magical godparents in 1998, thanks to Nickelodeon. The series has ten seasons, and although no more episodes are produced, it is one of the longest-running series on the channel, which continues to repeat it.

The changes in the series were not only physical (in the ninth season, it moved to high definition and widescreen format) but also in the story, as new characters were integrated into the lives of Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda, such as Poof, the son of the wizards.

10. Pokémon

Although Pokémon is a franchise that goes beyond television, since 1997, we can see on screen Ash Ketchum along with his faithful companion, Pikachu, and his group of friends, training the little monsters to be Pokémon Masters. The animated series has 23 seasons, with the last one premiering in 2019.

In this new version, the cartoons have a different look, and the story revolves around the beginnings of its protagonist. Another character named Go was even incorporated.

Bonus: Comparisons between old and new cartoons

SpongeBob vs Toon Marty

Although he doesn’t live under the sea, we can find similarities between Sponge Bob and the protagonist of the 2017 cartoon Toon Marty — both are energetic characters who always manage to have fun with their friends. Even their voices in the Latin dub are similar.

The Simpsons vs The Casagrandes

In this 2019 sketch, we met the Casagrandes, a family of Latino descent residing in the United States. Both stories tell us about these two families living in the same country but with the cultural differences that characterize them.

The Powerpuff Girls vs Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

The three sisters are among the first animated cartoons of superpowerful people and, in 2015, Ladybug and Cat Noir from Miraculous joined this exciting group.

Scooby-Doo vs PAW Patrol

Dogs are a favorite of many and always win the hearts of the audience. Scooby-Doo did it and so is the puppy patrol with the little ones.

Teen Titans vs Big Hero 6: The Series

The series from the movie Greatest Heroes shows Hiro Hamada, his robot, Baymax, and their group as they save the city. Just like the Teen Titans but immersed in the world of technology. How modern!

Winx Club vs Dorg Van Dango

Groups of friends with magical powers existed before and they exist now. In Dorg Van Dango, its main character meets a group of unusual kids. Mythological and fantasy creatures are present in both series starring teenagers.

Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes vs Breadwinners

Many cartoons have animals that talk and live thousands of adventures. And the ones mentioned in this article are not the only ones. But this concept has been extended to our days, as is the case of Breadwinners, a pair of duck friends who live together and have fun with other creatures.

The Fairly OddParents vs Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

Magic never died out in the animated world, it still exists, whether in the form of magical godparents, animals, or mythological beings. This was demonstrated by this recent Nickelodeon series, whose protagonist is a unicorn and butterfly cat who has the powers of these three creatures.

Pokémon vs Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia

Ash and his team hunted and trained pokémon, and in Trollhunters, young James Lake becomes a hunter of evil trolls to defend the good guys and save the world.

We grew up watching these cartoons. And how cool it would be to see adult versions of these characters. We decided to experiment and the results were hilarious.


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