How to Choose the Perfect Glasses for Your Face Type

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10 months ago

survey found that wearing glasses makes you appear 75% more attractive to the opposite sex. Do you fancy sporting a new pair of glasses but are worried that choosing the wrong shape might make you look bad? Perhaps you’ve read complex guides on how to find your face shape, but are still unsure how to proceed. Don’t worry, read on to find answers to all your glasses-related questions.

There are basically six face shapes: oblong, oval, heart, square, round and diamond. A quick look at the mirror is not enough to determine your face shape. To find out your face shape follow our measurement guide:

How to measure: Use measuring tape. While taking measurements keep the tape straight and do not curve it according to the shape of your face.

What to measure: The width of your forehead, the width of your cheeks and the width of your jaw and the length of your face. While taking measurements, make sure to measure the widest or the farthest points.


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How to identify: The face is longer than it is wide. Forehead, cheeks, and jaw are almost of the same width.

What to wear: Use large, wide frames with clear lines.


How to identify: The jawline is pointed, cheeks are wide, and forehead wider.

What to wear: Glasses that point downward and accentuate the jawline, like Aviators. You can also wear rimless glasses as they don’t make the face appear too top heavy.


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How to identify: The length of your face and distance between the cheeks are almost the same. The jawline, cheeks, and the forehead are all of equal width.

What to wear: Narrow oval or rectangular frames with rounded edges.


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How to identify: The face is longer than it is wide and the forehead is a little wider than the jawline.

What to wear: Use frames that are thicker on the top than on the bottom.


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How to identify: The face is as long as it is wide with the forehead and jawline being slimmer but of equal proportions.

What to wear: Square or rectangular glasses with sharp corners.


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How to identify: Wide cheekbones, pointed chin, slightly slimmer forehead.

What to wear: Use frames with rounded edges that are not wider than your cheeks.

Now that you know how to choose the best shape of eyeglasses to suit your face, rush out to get a pair for yourself! After all, wearing a pair of glasses not only makes you look chic, but they also protect your eyes from dust and pollution. Let us know how you feel with your new pair of glasses in the comments below!

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