How to Measure Foods If You Don’t Have a Scale or a Measuring Cup

2 years ago

How would you know what amount of butter, sugar, or flour you should add into your cake mix if you had no kitchen tools? We’ll teach you how to measure the most common liquids and solid products using table and tea spoons and standard US cups.

Here at Bright Side we’ve made these quick conversion diagrams for you that will help you in the kitchen. Feel free to print them out and keep them handy, and don’t miss our bonus, with a couple of tools that can turn you into a cooking guru.

Measuring butter

Measuring liquid products

Measuring food portions

Measuring dry and solid products


This mixing spatula has a handy conversion chart for the main cooking measurements.

This cup has markers for measuring liquid products when pouring.

A perfect tool for those of us who always mix up smidgens, pinches, dashes, and tads.

How do you measure products when cooking? Do you use measuring tools or do you add ingredients intuitively?

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If I don't have a scale, I simply ask a friend to lend me one.

trying to measure food without a scale may be incorrect.


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