“I Always Tip, but I’m Confused,” Woman Shocked by Unexpected Tipping Screen After $500 Car Fix

6 months ago

On one hand, tipping seems like a good way to appreciate honest and hard work, but some people think that sometimes it can go too far. User leahova was surprised when her dad was asked to leave a tip after having his car fixed at the mechanic’s.

Leah Ova, a mother of four residing in San Francisco, recently took to TikTok to discuss tipping culture, particularly the notion of tipping car mechanics. She shared her surprise when her father went to collect his car following $500 worth of repairs, only to be confronted with tipping options on the screen — 20%, 25%, and 30%.

Both he and Leah found this unexpected. While he’s accustomed to tipping, the idea of tipping car mechanics was new to him and puzzled him. Leah herself was unsure about this practice and felt that this approach to tipping seemed excessive in this context.

Leah Ova shared she used to think that “tipping culture is not out of control.” However, this incident changed her opinion. “I was like, ‘No, we’re definitely not tipping car mechanics now. At least not that I know about.’ Yeah, I don’t know. I think that’s pushing it,” she concluded.

Many people in the comments shared their experiences of being asked to tip in situations that seemed unusual. This ranged from instances like tipping at an automatic car wash, while shopping online, or even at self-checkouts where there’s no human service involved, just robots.

Some commenters were straightforward, mentioning that unless someone is in a service role like a hairdresser or restaurant staff, they swiftly opt out of tipping. If they face pressure to tip, their strategy is to ignore the situation and hit the “no tip” button without hesitation.

TikTok has been buzzing with controversies lately. Another recent video that sparked debate among viewers involved an Amazon driver complaining that customers did not leave snacks for them when placing delivery orders.

Preview photo credit leahova / TikTok


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