An Amazon Driver Complains People Aren’t Leaving Snacks for Her When Getting Packages

7 months ago

The etiquette of tipping delivery drivers can be sensitive, especially concerning food deliveries. However, an Amazon driver named Aniya Mitch sparked a heated discussion with her request for regular customers to leave snacks as a tip for package drop-offs.

Aniya Mitch, an Amazon delivery driver, recently shared a TikTok video addressing some of her frequent customers. She expressed her desire for appreciation and suggested leaving snacks for her during deliveries. In her video, she emphasizes, “If you order Amazon every day, every other day or d*** near every week, I’m pretty sure you’ve got the same driver almost every day, and you aren’t putting no snacks out there?”

Her message was clear as she explained from her delivery truck, “You’ve got a bond now, ya’ll see each other near every day. And you ain’t leaving no snacks? You’re wrong. You’re wrong.”

The video has gained significant traction, surpassing 900,000 views and attracting unexpected attention for Mitch. While some people sided with her viewpoint, others affirmed that delivering goods is merely part of her job, and she shouldn’t expect additional rewards for it.

One person added, “Postal Service workers don’t expect it. It’s a gift, not required.” And others agreed, saying, “My Amazon driver never leaves me snacks, either. I am so disappointed, but I suppose I need to realize that it’s not his job to give me snacks.”

On the other hand, another Amazon driver shared his message, “I am a driver myself. Snacks are not needed, it’s my job, but does it make me feel good when people do or at least thank me and smile!” One person agreed with the video’s message, writing, “I am on a first-name basis with my Walmart delivery girl. I adore her. When I cook, I always send food her way, cookies, cakes, and drinks.”

The discussion initiated by Aniya Mitch sheds light on the complex dynamics of customer appreciation and service expectations. The contrasting opinions among online users highlight the diverse perspectives regarding tipping and the notion of extra incentives for service providers. This incident proves the importance of recognizing the efforts of those who facilitate daily conveniences, prompting a broader conversation about tipping etiquette.

Preview photo credit aniyamitch / TikTok


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