A UPS Driver Is Taking Epic Shots With the Dogs on His Route and We Want to Swap Jobs With Him

4 years ago

A UPS driver from New Orleans has managed to turn his work into an awesome hobby. Jason Hardesty, that’s the name of our hero, works as a package delivery man and takes photos with every dog he meets on his route. He posts these photos on his Instagram account with the hashtag #pupsofjay. This side project instantly went viral, which brought Jason more than 55,000 followers.

We at Bright Side fell in love with Jason’s hobby and encourage you to have a look at his lovely selfies too.

It all started in 2017 when Jason got a new route. The man himself confesses that the dogs on his old route were pretty unfriendly and aggressive. So when he started to work on a new route, he figured out that the dogs there were less aggressive and even sweet.

Almost all the dogs on this route are already familiar with Jason. Their owners don’t mind the delivery man interacting with their pets either.

Hardesty tries to not overload his account with photos of the dogs and posts about one photo per week. He does it at 6 PM every Friday evening so that people have another reason to smile when they’re finishing up their working week.

For example, recently he made an adorable post about his 2 favorite pups saying, “2 of my favorite pups are moving out west.”

His new hobby shows what it is like when you are 100% satisfied with your job and life.

Jason has also appeared on UPS Dogs Instagram page where they post all the awesome selfies of their employees. And here are some of them:

What do you think of Jason’s hobby? Do you also have a hobby that’s as amazing as his? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!


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