I Haven’t Shaved for Years — My Hairy Body Earns Me 5 Figures a Month, and My Boyfriend Loves It

year ago

For many women, body hair is a taboo subject, often seen as unfeminine or unattractive. However, this woman’s decision to stop shaving any of her body hair is a powerful example of self-expression and individuality. Despite the negativity she faced, her decision to embrace body hair has had positive consequences. She discovered that her body hair can even earn her big money, proving that unconventional beauty can be celebrated and even monetized.

Calita’s razor-free journey started a long time ago.

Calita is a woman who decided to embrace her body hair and challenge societal beauty standards. 3 years ago, she made the decision to stop shaving, including her armpits and bikini line, and has since found empowerment in her decision.

To showcase her journey of self-love and acceptance, Calita launched a TikTok account with the handle @calitafire3. On her profile, she shares videos of her body hair and explains why she finds it liberating to be considered a “hairy woman.”

The woman brilliantly hits back at critics that say body hair isn’t normal.

On her TikTok and Instagram accounts, Calita challenges the idea of bikini lines, which she describes as a “social construct” that she doesn’t buy into. She believes that it’s important to break free from societal expectations and embrace our bodies as they are.

Despite the criticism she has faced, Calita uses her platform to hit back at critics who have questioned her decision to stop shaving. In response to comments that her partner must hate her body hair, she has stated that he actually loves it and that it has not affected their relationship.

She said, “Don’t know why you are all so worried about what he thinks.”

Her body hair comes with many advantages.

In a separate post, she added, “My bf loves my body hair.” And it’s clear that the brave woman doesn’t regret her decision to stop shaving one bit.

Her motto now sounds like the name of one of her videos, “Body hair, don’t care.”

The woman had the last laugh by revealing her income.

Despite receiving backlash from critics, Calita remains totally positive about her own body. She has claimed that having body hair has resulted in a very impressive salary, earning “5 figures a month.”

In addition to her success, Calita has also expressed a desire for a magazine to feature someone with body hair and eagerly awaits the opportunity to take on the job.


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