2 Women Declare “You Don’t Have to Be Hairless To Go To The Beach” And Stir an Internet-Wide Discussion

11 months ago

As the weather gets hotter, many women remove hair from their bodies using methods like shaving or waxing before going to the beach or wearing a skirt. However, two young women say that having smooth, hairless skin doesn’t have to be a must-do but is more like a choice.

Sara Puhto and Bella Davis are body-positive influencers.

Meet Sara Puhto and Bella Davis, two extraordinary young women rocking Instagram with uplifting vibes. They love spreading body positivity by sharing their “imperfections” and cheering on fellow ladies to embrace and adore their bodies, no matter what society says.

They’ve stirred up the discussion by saying beach shaving should be a choice, not an obligation.

They recently shared a collage of themselves in swimsuits, proudly displaying their unshaven bikini lines. “It’s your personal choice to shave, wax, or grow your body hair,” the caption said. “There’s no wrong way for your body to look. You don’t owe anyone a smooth, bump-free, hairless body!”

Their post went viral, accumulating over 50K likes and hundreds of comments. However, not all the responses to their body hair-positive message were in agreement with the two influencers.

Their post caused division, drawing both agreement and disagreement from commenters.

A person expressed their strong disagreement with wearing a bikini while having a fully hairy bikini line, even if they were paid to do so. Another individual simply wrote, “No, no, no.” However, many others found Puhto’s and Davis’s message very important. A woman shared that seeing posts about body hair like this was meaningful to her, as she has a lot of body hair herself, making her feel less isolated.

“So wild that we have to ’normalize’ something that is normal,” a second woman interjected. “I go through periods of waxing/ shaving and periods of everything being hairy. I’ve learned to accept both now as a personal choice that appeals to me for different reasons, no more different than choosing to put on boots or trainers,” wrote a third.

Recently, there’s been a growing trend among women who opt to forgo the razor and shift their perspective on body hair removal. Rather than consider it a mandatory task, they embrace it as a personal choice. This change reflects a shift in societal norms and a celebration of individual preferences regarding grooming and self-expression.


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