“I Let My Kid Skip School Every Now and Then to Live a Full Life.” Worthy Thoughts Every Parent Needs to Hear

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4 years ago

A still fragile and developing child has a more difficult time with stressful situations than an adult. Education is an important aspect of their development, but the strain it puts on their mental health is sometimes too overwhelming. Skipping school might seem like the wrong thing to do, but apparently it has its benefits. For example, a relaxed, rested, and calm child can learn new information better and faster than those who continue working non-stop.

Bright Side always emphasizes that it’s important to take care of our mental health, even if some life choices need to be reconsidered. This time we want to discuss with you the importance of missing school every once in a while.

It helps to prevent burnout and anxiety.

As much as adults sometimes need a day off from their work, kids can have a need for mental health days too. Even though their problems and worries might seem insignificant to us, they can still put a strain on a child and make it hard for them to function. Instead, you should take a good look at the situation.

It’s important to encourage them to get out of their comfort zone during an important event, like giving a presentation in front of the whole class. This can only make the child mentally stronger. Though, if you see that they are under too much stress, and they can’t manage to get over it — a day off can be the solution. After all, this way they will learn how to take care of their mental health and will be able to avoid burn out later as an adult.

Let them learn outside the classroom.

School is able to teach a child a lot about the world around them. However, there are still a lot of things to explore in this world besides what is being taught in school. Children learn from experience better than anyone else does — seeing new places, people, cultures, nature, and architecture can expand their world greatly and let them free their mind for a while. Though, you need to make sure that the vacation isn’t too long, and your child doesn’t miss out anything that can impact their grades.

Encourage healthy boredom.

Learning, friends, activities — there is no time to be bored at school since children constantly need to focus on something. It might seem like a lot of fun, but at one point a child might feel a bit drained out and just be waiting one day to do nothing, in silence. This can give them an opportunity not to do anything and just relax without constantly staying in control. At the end, their boredom can actually boost their creativity.

Help them to shake off tiredness.

For adults, waking up early 5 times a week and working the whole day might appear like a rather normal thing. From a child’s perspective this regimen can seem like pure torture. Most parents can see how tired their kids are after a whole week of school. Giving them a day off will give them a perfect opportunity to recharge and encourage their productivity later.

Create some bonding time.

Finding time to truly connect with your child might be hard after a hard day, and weekends are used for doing homework and home chores. In this case, you should both consider taking a day off and doing some activities together. This can help you to slow down, and feel calm and free from your schedules.

Bonus: What to avoid during a recreation day

  • Just watch TV
  • Playing video games the whole day
  • Staying in bed all day
  • Letting your child stay at home all day

Did your mom let you skip school sometimes? How do you manage this with your child? Let’s discuss this in the comment section!


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I don't a kid yet but I think I'm gonna be this kind of mom... I let my kid just know that is okay to skip things sometimes but always with a good reason


I don't think I can do this! My parents raised me with the idea of school as something extremely important ?

Anyone with me?


There is no reason to skip school, as they already have the weekend off and come home early during the week. Families can easily bond with their kids during these times. A kid should have a certain sleep schedule to have a good rest. We should teach our kids to overcome stress and anxieties by meditating, painting, reading, planting, dancing, singing etc...


Fits nicely with an article posted on here not too long ago, how letting kids skip school can raise a millionaire


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