I Threw Away a 6-Year-Old Lunch After She Stole My Kid’s Lunchbox

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2 months ago

A mother got furious when her six-year-old daughter returned home in tears. The reason? A classmate stole her $50 bento lunchbox. In response to the school’s lack of action, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She shared her story.

So my sister bought my daughter (6-years-old) a bento box that cost 50 dollars. Thursday after school, my daughter came home, and while unpacking her backpack like I usually do, I noticed that her bento box was not in there. When I asked her where it was, she stated that a girl in her class named Audrey (fake name) had taken it and refused to give it back.

I asked if she went to her teacher, and she said yes, but her teacher told her that it was just a lunchbox, and it shouldn’t matter. Now, Audrey’s name isn’t new to my household; she and other girls always picked on my daughter, and no matter how many times I went to the school about it, nothing was done. To say I was furious was the least.

The next day, I went to the school 30 minutes before lunchtime and requested a meeting with the teacher and the principal. They brought my daughter down, and I explained the situation, and they had someone get Audrey.

Audrey brought the lunchbox to “prove” that it was hers, but I asked them to open the lunch box because my daughter’s name was inside, and long behold, when she opened it, there was my daughter’s name as clear as day. When I requested she gives it back to my daughter, she began crying.

The teacher asked if it would be okay if Audrey kept it for the day since her food was already in there, and I said no, they had 5 minutes to find something else to put her food in, or I would be dumping it out. Instead of finding her a closed container, they began arguing with me, so I stood up and grabbed the bento box, and in front of all of them, I threw the food out into the trash can.

Grabbing my daughter’s hand, I walked out of the office with the bento box, leaving them to comfort the crying girl. Hours later, I told my sister what happened, and she said that even though I had the right to be mad, I could’ve just let her have it, and she would’ve bought my daughter another bento box. I feel like it’s the principle, though: why should we have to buy something again for my daughter that she already had because some entitled kid wanted what’s hers? Am I wrong?

And people defended her behavior.

  • “This kid’s parents are as bad as her, if my child came home with anything I know I didn’t buy her, I would be asking questions and bringing it back to the school. Not packing her food in it!” Apart_Foundation1702 / Reddit
  • “Audrey was facing absolutely zero consequences for her actions from the school. She was going to cry her way out of it. She has finally faced the consequences.” Conscious-Arm-7889 / Reddit
  • “No, you’re not wrong. Audrey learned a lesson that day, and so did the principal and teacher — you are not one to be played with.” Remote-Crow3980 / Reddit
  • “Actions have consequences. Audrey learned a tough lesson today and will maybe make better choices in the future.” Known_Supermarket_37 / Reddit

Raising kids is not easy, but there are certain behaviors every parent should be aware of. Taking responsibility for their actions is one of them.

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Clearly this Audrey has some issues, so instead of acting like an ADULT when 6 year olds are involved, let's just bring this kid down to be humiliated in front of you and then just to prove to this kid that stealing is wrong, take HER packed lunch and chuck it in the garbage. Feel better? Audrey is 6. Audrey also has parents, and hopefully a mother who isn't over emotional that should have been contacted before you made a mockery of her kid .
About 20 years ago my daughter was physically assaulted, in class, by a male bully. The teacher did not intervene or even call for help
I had to leave work to take her to the ER, so I was NOT Happy.
Things got better at the hospital, a friend, former classmate, and deputy sheriff walked in. I began singing the blues and he took notes.
The bully's parents were prosecuted when they refused to take responsibility, he was sent to CPS.
The teacher was fired and lost her license.
From one mom to another, you were absolutely right. I'm raising my son the way my parents raised me and my siblings. When I was 6 a girl from my class was calling me names adults use and one day I came home crying so my dad who was in the military payed my sister only a few months older than me to deal with it. The next day on the bus she called me an adopted f***ing c**t. She didn't realize my sister was in the seat behind her and as soon as she heard what I was called my sister stood up, grabbed a big chunk of her hair and smashed her head in the window and told her our uncle is a cop and he knows where she lives. She moved to another school district days later. We can't let entitled children become their parents. They need to learn that you don't always get what you want just because you say you want it. GOODONYA MAMA!!!!We must stand up for our babies no matter how old they are!!!!!!!!!
I'm on the side of the little girl who had her lunch box stolen and her mom that Audrey kid is going to be a menace for real if her parents keep indulging her like that

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