I Very Truly Cannot Stand My Daughter and I Am Ashamed of Her, Here’s Why

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7 months ago

It’s a matter of common belief that parents should always love their kids, and vise versa. But life does not always go as it’s written in the books, and some families face complex situations when the relationship between parents and kids become so dramatic that it even turns into a problem. Such situation happened to our today’s heroine, who can’t stand her daughter. She came to the social media to pour her heart out.

A desperate mom came to Reddit to tell her complicated story.

A Reddit user, who goes under a nickname Automatic_Bend7504, recently turned to Reddit to tell her very complex family story. The woman seemed to be at a loss with her own feelings towards her daughter.

She began her story asking other people to not get her wrong. She explained that she loves her child, as she is her mom’s flesh and blood. But at the same time, the woman confessed that she simply cannot stand being around her daughter. The woman continues with calling her daughter “trashy”, and she explains why she has such an opinion about her own child.

The woman’s daughter has a lot of habits that her mom finds disgusting.

The woman went on saying that she cannot understand a lot of her daughter’s habits, including shirts she bought for her boyfriend. Her now grown up daughter does not care if she looks bad or stinks in public, and her mom finds it absolutely irritating. The woman explained that she doesn’t insist that her daughter has to be dressed to the nines to go to the grocery store, or even that she shouldn’t wear pajamas.

She wrote that the things that made her mad in her daughter’s appearance were visible stains, greasy hair, and her child could go out to eat or clothes shopping looking like this. The woman added that her daughter claims she is so “country”. But she adds that they raised her in a small town, but it isn’t a rural one. Not that it would make a difference or that rural living is bad, just that the woman sincerely believes her child is not country.

The desperate mom can’t believe this is her child.

The woman wrote that her daughter lives a state away and once they came to visit her. Her house is filthy and doesn’t look nice. The mom explained that her daughter has the money to live a nice life, and she chooses to live in squalor. She desperately writes, “This is not the girl I raised and me and my husband cannot stand being around her, and it breaks my heart. She is not pleasant to talk to anymore.”

The mom is convinced that her child is mentally healthy, as she is not showing signs of depression. She has declined any help to clean up her home and says she likes it how it is.

What is more, when the girl visits her parents, she shows no respect for them. Dirty dishes left about, her things strewn everywhere, she eats everything from her parents’ pantry. She ends up her story, saying, “I don’t know why she changed this way — her husband was not trashy and disrespectful like this when we met. They’ve both given up, and I’m not sure why. I wish I could like my daughter, but I can’t.”

And here’s yet another life story from a mom, whose son is ashamed of her, so she gave him a taste of his own medicine.


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My sister is abit of a slob. I still adore her. Snob much I thought you were going to say she's horrible, vile or nasty to people. Or acts violent, does drugs etc. Bad momma right here.


Love is accepting people for who they are. Personalities are largely inherited, and it seems daughter inherited someone else's personality type. If you love someone, you love them as they are.


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