I Was Left Out of the Mother’s Day Celebration Because I’m the Stepmom

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4 weeks ago

Mother’s Day should be a warm and loving celebration, but it turned into a stressful memory for Romy because she was excluded from the celebration for being a stepmom. Her mother-in-law preferred to invite the ex-wife instead because she is the biological mom. Romy, the loving stepmom, felt deeply hurt and wrote to us seeking advice.

Here is Romy’s letter:

Red flag I would leave him !! Ewwww shows how lack of respect and love he has for you!! … as for the mother in law that a nasty (see you next Tuesday swear word!! Ewww


Thanks for sharing your story with us, Romy! We’ve prepared some tips that we hope can be useful.

Communicate your feelings calmly with your mother-in-law.

Arrange a private conversation with your mother-in-law to express how her actions made you feel excluded and undervalued.

Explain that you have been a devoted stepmom for seven years and would appreciate being included in family celebrations. Approach the conversation with a calm and warm demeanor, focusing on how to improve future interactions rather than dwelling on past hurts.

Discuss boundaries and expectations with your husband.

Have a candid discussion with your husband about how his comments affected you. Emphasize the importance of feeling supported by him, especially in family dynamics.

Suggest setting clear boundaries and expectations regarding your role as a stepmom, and seek his support in advocating for your inclusion in family events. Highlight that feeling valued and respected by his family is crucial for your relationship.

Plan an alternative celebration.

If you anticipate similar exclusions in the future, consider organizing your own Mother’s Day celebration. This could be a special outing or a small gathering with your husband and stepson, focusing on celebrating your role as a stepmom.

Creating positive and meaningful experiences can help mitigate the hurt of exclusion and reinforce your bond with your stepson.

Seek support and validation from other family members.

Reach out to other members of your extended family who might understand your position and offer their support. This could include siblings-in-law, cousins, or even your parents.

Their validation and encouragement can help you feel more integrated and valued within the family, balancing out the negative feelings from your mother-in-law’s actions.

Gwen is another Bright Side reader who has a complicated dynamic with her mother-in-law. At her baby shower, Gwen received a gift from her mother-in-law that she deemed insulting. The expecting young woman was so infuriated that she decided to kick her husband’s mom out of the event. Here is her full story.


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