I Went to Buy My Wife Tampons, and Got Into a Huge Scandal in a Supermarket

4 months ago

There’s nothing wrong for many women asking their partners to pick up tampons for them at the store. While it’s an absolutely normal request, many men are happy to help out in this way. The same was for our today’s hero, a married man, 30, who just wanted to help his wife. But when he went to the store, he unexpectedly got involved into a huge and unpleasant drama, and he wrote to us about it to find out what we and our readers think about the whole situation.

A man wrote an emotional letter to our editorial.

A man, 30, has recently sent a letter to our editorial where he told us about an incident that left a very bitter aftertaste for him. He started his story, saying that he’s married and his wife, 28, has very painful periods. He wrote that on these days she cannot literally leave the house, because she has very huge menstrual cramps, severe migraines and nausea on these days.

So, sometimes, when she feels totally sick because of her periods, she asks her husband to buy her menstrual pads or tampons. The man revealed that he used to feel uncomfortable about these requests in the past, and explained the reason why.

He wrote, “When Jenny, my wife, asked me to pick her up some pads or tampons, I would feel shy about doing so. I was raised in a very conservative family, where my mom never spoke about periods to my dad or to me. And she used to buy these hygienic things for herself in stashes, always making sure she has some left enough for her next period. I have never heard her asking dad to pick some tampons for her in a local store, so for me, it was a totally new and uncomfortable experience when my wife asked me to do so for the first time.”

Soon it has become not a problem anymore for the man to buy his wife tampons.

The man continues his story, saying, that his wife has always been very understanding and rarely asked him to buy these intimate toiletries for her. But once, when she went to a supermarket on her first day of periods to buy pads, she fainted because of the pain in her stomach.

The man wrote that after that case they had a talk, and he suggested that she should ask him to buy pads and tampons from then on. This topic was normalized in their family, and soon it became a normal thing for him to buy her the pads. He only had some issues left with buying her tampons, because she only recently switched to them, and he needed some explanation from his wife, together with a photo, about what sort of tampons needed to be bought.

One day, the unsuspecting man was again helping his wife out with this intimate thing.

The man continues his story, saying, “Last Monday, my wife texted me as usual and asked me to stop by a supermarket after work and pick her up some tampons. She then sent me a photo of the package that she needed. I’m a man, and I never used one, so I would still be confused without that additional information.”

Things went totally wrong when he went to the store. He detailed the incident, saying, "So I was standing in the aisle looking at all the female products. I was still confused and lost, despite having an exact photo of what I needed to buy, because I didn’t see such a box on any of the shelves. Then I heard a lady say, “Well, no matter how you dress, you’re still born a woman.”

The man was confused and looked up to see who was talking to whom. He saw a lady in her 40s just standing there and glaring at him. He responded, saying, “I’m sorry, are you talking to me?” as there was only her and him in the isle.

The woman then rolled her eyes and started a rant about the transgender topic, and she was being very unfriendly to anyone who is transgender. After she finished her speech, the man was absolutely shocked by such attitude. He wrote, “I just started laughing to show her that her words cannot be taken seriously by anyone. Her face turned very red. She started screaming, but I just cut her off.”

The man tried to calm her down, saying, “Listen lady, if I was born a woman, would I be looking so clueless and lost as I am right now? Is this the first time when you see a man buying tampons for a woman?”

The man handled the scandal masterfully.

The man goes on with his story, saying that he tried to explain to a lady that a man buying pads and tampons for his wife is just called a good husband. His wife wanted tampons, and he did her a favor. He then held up his phone and pointed at the pick, asking her, “Now do you see this brand on the shelf?”

The woman still didn’t even apologize for being so rude to the man and transgender people in particular. She just backed away, with her eyes big, and her face drained, and walked pretty quickly down the aisle.

The man wrote, “I then finally found the needed box, checked out and made my beloved wife happy.”

We think that the way the man acted was totally normal.

We’re grateful to the man for his trust in our editorial and for sharing this story with us.

We think that, first and foremost, the lady was totally rude to ever comment on someone’s purchasing anything. She interfered with a private matter of another person, and of course her comments were just out-of-place.

It would be ideal if the lady suggested the man to help him out with finding the right package, instead of shouting at him and making vile comments about the man and transgender people.

We think the man acted right. He wasn’t rude to the lady in return, and he explained to her everything in a calm and moderate manner. He didn’t make the scandal even bigger by adding his own anger about the situation.

And here’s a story of a woman, for whom a tampon found in her husband’s car opened up a real Pandora’s box of bad revelations.

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