If You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Smiled, That’s About to Change

3 years ago

It's already summer but some of us still feel depressed and exhausted. We don't know how we can get rid of this sad feeling for good, but we definitely know that warm and fuzzy pictures can always cheer us up and make our days better.

Bright Side has collected 20 photos that contain the daily recommended dose of positive vibes.

20. A hedgehog showing us how many flowers there are

19. Beach yoga with the girls

18. Are we going to talk about how baby stingrays look like haunted ravioli?

17. "I just told my dog she’s pretty and that everyone thinks so."

16. "Gave Peanut a bath and after drying him he stuck out his hand for me to hold."

15. "I gotta say, this tastes a little plane."

14. "My dog’s best friend is a brick."

13. "In honor of my kitty’s 17th birthday, we recreated one of the very first pictures of us."

12. "I just got pulled over for speeding and he let me go because I had my watermelon in a seat belt and he thought it was funny."

11. "How I want to spend my weekend."

10. "They put our school's therapy dog in the yearbook."

9."Can't stop thinking about him."

8. "Took Toby canoeing."

7. "My dog (right) is at the park and stops dead in his tracks when seeing this dog (left). Turns out they are from the same breeder and have the same parents, meaning they're brothers and recognized each other."

6. "My emotional state be like..."

5. "Everything's terrible so I googled 'dogs being interviewed' and it helped."

4. "Wanna go for a wa..."

3. He didn't like it.

2. When you adore waffles:

1. The happiest creature ever

Did any of these pictures manage to cheer you up? Share your thoughts with us!

Preview photo credit reddit/ Elisoon, reddit/ onlysame1


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