If You’re a True Bookworm, You’ve Got to Try These 10 Awesome Products

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Reading can make us kinder, boost our imagination and creativity, decrease the risk of cognitive problems, reduce stress, and even help people fall asleep faster and have a better quality of sleep. This is the sign you’ve been looking for to pick up your favorite book or perhaps a new one.

There is also no harm in improving the process of reading itself. Here are some cool products that will get the job done.

1. These magic-looking bookshelves are a real space saver! The unique construction of the product makes it invisible behind a stack of books and creates an impressive “floating” look.

This patented design was developed by Miron Lior and is perfectly unique. It gives the room a fresh, ultra-minimal look. The shelves are quite easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware (including drywall anchors).

Promising review:

It’s a bookshelf. It floats. That’s all you need to know. Love it! — Christian V

2. You’ll never lose your place again, not just in the book but on the page, with these originally designed magnetic bookmarks. Pick up where you left off!

These bookmarks will be very gentle on your books and won’t leave marks on the pages. They are easy to use and make very nice novelty gifts. Different designs are available for any taste.

Promising review:

Simple, cute little bookmarks. Really enjoyed the fact that they are magnetic and stay well in place. — Michaelle

3. This flexible 2-in-1 device combines a bookmark and an LED light. It is lightweight and perfect for reading in bed.

There are 30+ fun designs to choose from. The bookmarks are lightweight and very thin. The permanent LED light is ultra-bright and will help you conveniently enjoy nighttime reading, batteries included.

Promising review:

Omg, I love this, and the light is so bright as well. Plus, I’m a cat lover, so I’m also happy. Thank you so much; it’s perfect in every way. 5 stars for everything. — Tracey mott

4. Check out these warm and fluffy “reading socks.” Announce that you’re busy without saying a word.

These socks have silicone rubber grips, which make them anti-slip. They will keep your feet warm and cozy. The materials are 95% polyester and 5% elastane. They’re also machine washable.

Promising review:

Very cozy and soft, and came in a really cute package to gift someone. — Francisca Reis

5. This versatile stand can free your hands while you’re reading books or watching a movie on your tablet. You can even rest your phone on it.

A special feature of this product is that you can also use it as a comfortable pillow whenever you want to take a quick nap. It is made from quality faux suede and is easy to clean. You can just throw it into the washing machine, and it’s 100% safe for kids.

Promising review:

Absolutely love this! I have bad hands, so I struggle to hold a book for too long, and this is such a help. Easy to turn the pages, but doesn’t fall out. It’s sturdy, the books are secure. It is absolutely brilliant. Highly recommend it to anybody. My daughter has even used it for her tablet and it’s really good. — Claire1310

6. This super thin electronic dictionary bookmark contains over 35,000 words for you to discover and joyfully use. This is perfect for students or for people who’d like to expand their vocabulary.

To use this device, no internet connection is needed. It is super easy to use. Just turn the dictionary on and type your word in. Batteries are included.

Promising review:

As an avid reader and collector of bookmarks, I have been dreaming of a product like this. Easy to use, it doesn’t interrupt the flow. Best invention since the printing press. — R S SMITH

7. This book cover is an excellent gift idea. It will protect your books and add a certain something to your style.

This item fits most self-published books, different kinds of paperbacks, and regular hardcovers. It is approximately 28 cm x 21.5 cm (11 in x 8.5 in) outside and 25.5 cm x 19 cm (10 in x 7.5 in) inside. The materials consist of cotton canvas and polyester.

Promising review:

I brought it for my daughter as a gift, and she was very happy with it. Her books will be out of harm’s way while in her bag. — lucy

8. A reading timer is a perfect educational gift for those who need a little help getting better or just keeping track of their performance.

This device is cleverly designed to be clipped onto the cover of your book or put on the table. It ‎requires 1 AA battery (included), so you can start using this timer right away. It’s also available in 2 juicy colors.

Promising review:

This great little timer has helped me a lot to keep track of my reading. — Katie

9. This compact rechargeable light will give you hours and hours of comfortable reading. It’s lightweight, completely foldable, and convenient to use on the go, not to mention it’s very pretty.

There are 2 brightness modes: 100% and 50%. At its brightest setting, this device will last about 8 hours after 1.5 hours of fully charging. You can charge it by directly plugging it into a computer, power bank, adapter, car charger, or USB outlet.

Promising review:

This is the best little light and I have bought a few. This one casts light over the entire 2 pages at once. No need to re-adjust it. Pardon the pun, but it’s brilliant. Great price too. — Mary Robinson

10. This funny sloth friend will keep you company and patiently hold the pages while you’re reading your book. A perfect gift for a book-lover.

This bookmark is funny, portable, lightweight, and easy to use. You can use it with books of different shapes and sizes, from paperbacks and hardcovers to newspapers and magazines. Plus, sloth fans will appreciate it quite a bit.

Promising review:

This is an AWESOME little product. I hate holding my book up while reading in bed. This holds my pages open and keeps the book flat and sturdy enough that I can hold it with one hand on the corner of a page, and it stays flat. Works as well on little, thin books as with whoppers. I bloody well love it!!!! — 
rebecca t.

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