Jamie Lee Curtis, 64, Praises Pamela Anderson, 56, for Going MAKEUP-FREE at Fashion Week

7 months ago

Jamie Lee Curtis, known for her supportive Instagram posts about fellow Hollywood figures, has once again expressed profound admiration for Pamela Anderson. The latter recently made a bold statement challenging conventional beauty norms by attending Paris Fashion Week without a drop of makeup.

The Halloween actress dedicated a post to Anderson’s makeup-free appearance at the Isabel Marant show on September 28. In her caption, Curtis, 64, declared, “THE NATURAL BEAUTY REVOLUTION HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN! Pamela Anderson in the middle of fashion week with so many pressures and postures.” This caption accompanied a reposted photo of Anderson seated in the front row, donning a sleeveless yellow dress.

Curtis continued to express her admiration, saying, “And, this woman showed up and claimed her seat at the table with nothing on her face. I am so impressed and floored by this act of courage and rebellion.” Subsequently, Anderson continued to celebrate her unadorned features during appearances at the Victoria Beckham and Vivienne Westwood fashion shows.

The author of the Love, Pamela, at the age of 56, ventured into a departure from the customary Fashion Week practices. Typically, attendees don their most extravagant and ostentatious ensembles, but Anderson chose a different path. She opted for a natural look, eschewing makeup and allowing her hair to flow in loose waves.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ post garnered an influx of followers who praised Anderson’s decision to go bare-faced. Selma Blair expressed her admiration with a heartfelt comment, writing, “Love this. Beautiful self-assuredness.” Chelsea Handler concurred, adding, “That’s pretty iconic.”

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News

Anderson has fully embraced minimalism as her guiding principle, not only when it comes to her beauty regimen but also in her choice of attire.

During her attendance at Pandora’s New York Fashion Week event just last month, she revealed that she is committed to “making room” for her “new life” by selling her iconic clothing collection. When questioned about whether this included cherished items like her renowned red Baywatch swimsuit, the multi-talented star responded with a resounding “all of it!”

“I don’t like to waste,” she added. “Better to clear my mind, clear my closet. Make room for this new life. I can’t wait to see others enjoy these pieces.”

Anderson openly acknowledged that her style has “undoubtedly changed over the years,” but she aspires for her clothing archives to bring delight to someone else’s wardrobe. “There’s no reason to hang on to it. These memories are made to share.”

While there is no specific date set for when Anderson will initiate the sale of her archives, she intends to part with “truly all of it.” The items will be presented on her website in a “thoughtful” and “sentimental” manner.

As she ages, the iconic actress hasn’t lost any of her confidence. On the contrary, she’s more confident than she’s ever been. Her makeup-free pictures are proof of that, and she’s also shared the secret to her timeless beauty.

Preview photo credit jamieleecurtis / Instagram, Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News


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