Jane Fonda’s Surprising Dating Rule at 85 — Why She Won’t Date Anyone Older Than 20

6 months ago

Jane Fonda, the iconic actress known for her candidness, dropped a dating bombshell that set the internet ablaze. In a recent podcast interview with comedian Heather McMahan, the 85-year-old Hollywood legend revealed an unconventional dating rule that raised eyebrows and sparked a viral storm. Brace yourself for Fonda’s no-holds-barred take on love and relationships that’s breaking norms and making headlines!

During the interview on Absolutely Not, Fonda admitted that if she were to have a lover at her age of 80s, he would have to be 20. Her reasoning? “Because I don’t like old skin,” she deadpanned.

While McMahan and the podcast team burst into laughter, Fonda remained serious, emphasizing her standpoint. The interview quickly went viral, triggering a mixed wave of reactions from fans and critics alike.

The podcast clip posted on TikTok drew various responses. Some hailed Fonda’s boldness, calling her “the goat,” while others joined in with “Me too, Jane” comments. Amidst the support, there were pleas not to “cancel” Jane, acknowledging her humorous intent.

Fonda has never shied away from speaking her mind about her personal life. In 2018, she declared her disinterest in returning to the dating scene and reiterated her lack of desire for a romantic relationship in 2021.

Consistently challenging societal norms surrounding aging and relationships, the actress has embraced a life without romantic entanglements.

Known for her illustrious career spanning decades, Fonda has shared insights into her unique perspective on “growing up.” In an interview with Stellar Magazine, she emphasized feeling “younger now [at age 84] than I was in my 20s,” attributing this to a lifelong pursuit of “becoming young.”

Describing youth as a state of being “light” and unburdened, Fonda highlighted the importance of living in the present and embracing life’s uncertainties. She also added that being older truly means understanding what’s important in life.

Addressing her romantic history, Fonda revealed in 2018 that she had “closed up shop” and concluded her dating life after three marriages. Her last relationship, an eight-year union with music producer Perry, ended amicably in 2017.

After previously being married three times, Fonda’s personal life has been a subject of public interest alongside her acting career. Her openness about relationships and aging continues to inspire discussions on societal expectations.

Jane Fonda’s way of life and honesty keep people interested. She does things her own way, showing us how to be true to ourselves. Her ideas about love, getting older, and finding happiness stick with us, going beyond just her Hollywood fame.


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