Jason Ritter Defended His Wife, Actress Melanie Lynskey, From Trolls Who Tried to Body Shame Her

Jason Ritter and Melanie Lynskey are actors who are known for their work in film and television, and they are also a couple who constantly show support for each other. Recently, Melanie was being body-shamed online, and Jason gave the trolls a piece of his mind. For this reason, and more, we think the pair is a match made in heaven, so we wanted to tell you all about their cute relationship.

Melanie and Jason met on the set of The Big Ask.

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Like many other couples in Hollywood, the 2 of them met on a movie set. The first time they worked together was in 2013 on the set of The Big Ask, but they have been cast in the same projects constantly. They even got to play each other’s siblings in the movie We’ll Never Have Paris.

Jason proposed to Melanie in the cutest way.

Melanie and Jason dated for 4 years straight until 2017 when the actor popped the question to the actress. According to her, she didn’t know he was going to propose, it took her by surprise, and he did it casually on their sofa. “It was cute” was the only detail the actress wanted to share in an interview.

Soon their family got a little bit bigger.

A year after their engagement in 2018, they welcomed a baby girl into their lives. Melanie wrote on her social media, “We feel lucky to have been able to have our news just be for friends and family for a while, but I guess the story got out, so! Yes! Jason Ritter and I had a daughter in December.”

The actress is constantly sharing cute pics of their daughter with her dad, she even captioned one of the pics: “A little girl who knows she has the best dad in the world.” Lynskey also talked about how they are a team when it comes to parenthood. “He’s so helpful, so supportive, and he’s willing to travel with me, so the family can be together,” she said. “I do the same for him, but I’ve been working a lot recently, so he’s been making the sacrifice more often than I have.”

The couple had to get married in a rush.

Jason and Melanie didn’t have a big ceremony for their wedding, instead it was a very small party of 6 people in total. They had to rush their wedding because someone gave her the wrong information. She was going to be filming in Vancouver for the TV Show Yellowjackets and someone told her, “Jason won’t be able to get into Canada unless you’re married — which just wasn’t true,” said the actress.

Melanie panicked and even said, “We have a child, what? We have to get married tomorrow.” The couple was married by a woman whom Melanie called a nice lady and the ceremony was in their front porch. The guests were 2 of their friends and their daughter.

Melanie has been the target of unsolicited comments about her appearance since the beginning of her career.

Not everything in Melanie’s life has been good, there were moments when the actress had to endure comments about her weight by co-workers and people on the internet. Melanie recalls the time when she was on the set of the movie Coyote Ugly with the costume designer, who said to her, “’Nobody told me there would be girls like you.’ Really intense feedback about my physicality, my body.”

Jason defended Melanie from online trolls.

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At the beginning of 2022 Melanie addressed the backhanded comments some people made online about her physique. After leaving nasty comments, people would act as if they were concerned about her health. To which the actress responded, “You don’t see me on my Peloton! You don’t see me running through the park with my child. Skinny does not always equal healthy,” and we agree with her response.

Even her husband Jason chimed in to defend Melanie with a witty post on his social media that said, “If anyone has any further unsolicited comments about *anybody* else’s body, they can feel free to write them in permanent ink onto their own foreheads and swan dive directly into the sun.”

The couple always supports each other.

Jason is also Melanie’s personal cheerleader when it comes to her career. “Definitely, we’ve helped put each other on tape and things like that. And it is nice if we are having a problem or if we’re nervous about a scene or if something’s sticking. I really feel like I can ask her. I’m so inspired by her. I think she’s such a wonderful actress,” said the actor.

When Melanie was asked about her husband in an interview, the actress gave the sweetest answer: “I honestly feel like I won the lottery, I have the greatest husband, he’s such a good dad, he loves me, he makes me feel beautiful no matter what, he’s a good, good person, and he’s so cute.”

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Jason Ritter's comment concerning trolls is absolutely spectacular “If anyone has any further unsolicited comments about *anybody* else’s body, they can feel free to write them in permanent ink onto their own foreheads and swan dive directly into the sun.” ! They seem like a wonderful couple and I wish them a long and happy life together.


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