Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Photographed Together for First Time Since March, a Peculiar Detail Catches Attention

4 weeks ago

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck haven’t been seen together in almost two months, and speculations about their split have started to heat up. However, the couple was recently spotted together in public for the first time, amid speculation about their marriage. In the photos, an interesting detail is seen that hints at the status of their relationship.

According to multiple sources, Affleck and Lopez are living apart while they are both in Los Angeles. The couple was seen together in public on Thursday, May 16, for the first time since March 30, as they attended an event to support their kids.

However, a source, close to Lopez, says that Affleck has not been staying at their Los Angeles home. Instead, he is residing at one of their other properties while filming his new movie, The Accountant 2.


Divorce rumors grew stronger when Lopez and Affleck showed no signs of affection in public and were rarely seen together. People began to speculate that the Hollywood couple couldn’t make their relationship work and might be splitting up after less than two years of marriage. These rumors increased when Lopez liked an Instagram post by a relationship coach about the challenges of a relationship without “integrity and respect.”

However, the couple’s recent appearance might hint that they are willing to give their marriage another chance. Although the source said the pair arrived separately, they were both seen wearing their wedding rings. It seems that despite their busy schedules, they are trying to make their marriage work.

Being a celebrity and living in the spotlight means that every little detail you share on social media gets a strong response. Recently, Brooke Shields posted a touching picture of her and her daughter getting matching tattoos. However, some people criticized the actress and suspected that she might have had different reasons behind it.


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