Jennifer Lopez Shares a Warm Message for Her Beloved Twins’ Fifteenth Birthday

J. Lo’s fans can’t believe that her precious twins are already turning 15. The beloved singer and actress shared a very special video of her kids on Instagram in celebration of their birthday.

’’Happy Birthday to my beautiful, brilliant coconuts. I am so proud of you both in every single way. You bring so much joy and happiness to my heart and soul. I love you beyond forever. Happy Birthday,’’ Jennifer Lopez captioned the sweet message.

The lovely video shows snapshots of Max and Emme from the time they were newborns to them participating in their mom’s musical performances and spending quality time with their stepdad, Ben Affleck. As a “soundtrack,” Lopez chose Taylor Swift’s hit song, “Fifteen.”

Although Lopez is quite protective of her kids and tries not to expose their private lives too much, she occasionally delights her Instagram followers with some heartwarming pictures of the twins.

Last year, for their fourteenth birthday, she shared a touching post, writing, ’’This day 14 years ago has always symbolized for me the first day of the rest of my life,’’ sweetly referring to the twins again as her 2 “coconuts.”

We’re hoping Lopez and her kids are having a fabulous birthday party, and we’re joining in on the celebration, wishing Emme and Max many more happy trips around the sun.

Preview photo credit jlo / Instagram


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I hope they have the best birthday ever and the most delicious cake 🎂!


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