Kids Refuse to Let Go of the Nanny They Fondly Call “Mama” and Parents Face Criticism

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6 months ago

In a heartwarming yet bittersweet moment captured on video, the bond between a group of children and their beloved nanny takes center stage as emotions run high during their heartfelt farewell. The poignant scene unfolds as the children, unwilling to part ways with the caregiver who has become an integral part of their lives, cling to her with tears streaming down their faces.

The twins Maria and Cataleya have many followers on social media.

Despite the twin’s, Maria and Cataleya, short age, they already have a big following on social media. With approximately 2.8 million followers on TikTok and 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube. Their online presence offers a window into the daily adventures and interactions of the family.

For over five years, Rosie, their nanny, has been a constant and caring presence in the children’s lives. The emotional depth of their bond was vividly captured in one video documenting the heartfelt goodbye between the kids and Rosie, a clip that has garnered an impressive 9 million views.

The kids call Rosie ’mama’ and love her as part of their family.

The affectionate bond between the kids and Rosie transcends the conventional caregiver relationship, as she is embraced as an integral part of their family. The children affectionately refer to Rosie as “mama,” a term of endearment that, unfortunately, sparked criticism towards the biological mother.

In response to these comments, the mom addressed the concerns through an Instagram video, asserting, “For all of you who criticize me as a mom, know one thing: when they call Rosie mama, I realize I have chosen the right person to take care of my kids while I am not around.” The statement underscores the mother’s confidence in Rosie’s nurturing role and the family’s collective understanding of the unique and loving dynamic they share.

As a farewell tribute, the mom shared some touching words on their social media platforms, expressing, “Goodbye Rosie, the nanny, sister, friend, and second mother.” In another post, the mom celebrated the unique and loving bond between Rosie and the children by sharing the sentiment, “Double the mamas, double the love.” This acknowledgment further emphasizes the depth of affection and trust the family places in Rosie.

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