6 Unusual Requirements That Nannies Hired by Celebrities Have to Meet

3 years ago

Being a celebrity nanny can seem like a dream come true. Traveling with your favorite singer or actress and their family sounds like something interesting, and you’ll likely have fun anecdotes to tell your friends. However, not everything about this job is roses and sunshine. People who want to apply for this job must go through a series of very complicated tests and meet several requirements, and some of them are very peculiar.

Bright Side wants to share some of the tests and requirements that celebrity nannies must meet, just in case you were thinking about going to Hollywood.

1. They must have prior experience.

One of the first things that nanny recruiters in Hollywood look for is for candidates to be over the age of 35. This is because celebrities don’t want to hire a girl that’s coming into their homes looking for fame instead of focusing on taking care of their kids, for example. All they want is an experienced person who knows how to handle children, hassle-free and without any issues regarding their application.

2. They must always be available.

A nanny in Hollywood must be prepared to change and adapt her schedule time and again to whatever plan is on the parents’ minds, no matter how sporadic it may be. For example, the requirements that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had for the woman who worked for them were numerous. For them, it was essential that she had a bachelor’s degree and that she spoke at least 2 languages (including the mother tongue of the stars’ adopted children). Finally, one of the most important ones was to be available to travel throughout the United States and Europe.

3. They must be ready for ultra-specific demands.

If you’re one of the few women who manage to land one of these jobs, be prepared to receive all sorts of special demands, some of which you’ll soon find out to be ultra-specific. Sarah Jessica Parker, for example, asks her nanny to continually replenish a specific shower gel and facial cleanser in her children’s personal showers. Instead of buying one big batch of many of these products, she must check each one daily and replace only the ones that have completely run out.

4. They must be ready to run when the paparazzi arrive.

When landing somewhere, or even in the most unexpected moment, paparazzi can be seen running toward celebrities to ask a ton of questions. Depending on the celebrity you’re working for, as a nanny, you might be asked to step back and let them talk or even to go away for a while. This is because many celebrities want to give the impression that they can do it all: keep a busy schedule, shoot movies, do charity work, and raise their children on their own. What the media says about them puts a lot of pressure on them, and they don’t want to take on more than they have to.

5. They’re not allowed to use phones.

Something that is definitely forbidden in this job is to get distracted. This is something that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s 6 nannies can definitely attest to. For instance, they’re not allowed to use their phones during the day while they’re at work. If they get caught using one, they may get fired.

6. They must be ready for a thorough background check.

If you’re applying for a nanny job in Hollywood, be ready to go through a rigorous screening process. It’s almost as if you were hired to be part of the secret service! The whole process can take a long time, during which celebrities hire a vetting team worthy of a secret agent movie. For example, this is what happens with the Not Just Baby Sitters agency, which makes sure a nanny’s reliability is always beyond perfection.

Being a nanny to a celebrity’s children is far from a sumptuous experience, however, it’s can prove to be a full-fledged adventure. If you could choose, what celebrity would you work for? How do you imagine it would be to live with him or her?


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worse job ever. Not treated like a person at all. Wouldn't be surprised at all if the nannies are looked down on. Plus no respect that they have their own life and family. Just be on call at a seconds notice. What if their own child was ill and they couldn't get to the celebrity's child. would they get the sac.


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