Kids With Down Syndrome Pose as Their Favorite Disney Characters, and They Look Even Cuter Than the Originals

4 years ago

UK-based photographer, Nicole Louise Perkins, currently works in a special needs secondary school, so she knows all about the inner beauty of kids who have Down syndrome. To show this beauty to other people as well, she created a special project, Down With Disney, where these kids pose as their favorite Disney characters. Nicole put all her heart and soul into every shoot she took, and she really hopes that this little effort will give some positivity to all the families with special kids and raise awareness in others.

We at Bright Side absolutely agree with Perkins that each and every child involved in this project looks just fabulous, and we’d like to share these 17 incredible photos with you.

17. Rory Haywood, 1, as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

16. Jackson Vaughan, 2, as Sheriff Woody from Toy Story

15. Aurora Marney, 4 months, as Ariel from The Little Mermaid

14. Leiya Cooper, 6, as Cinderella

13. Angelo S., 2, as Simba from The Lion King

12. Chloe Lennon, 6, as Merida from Brave

11. Dorothy Mason, 2, as Snow White

10. Zephaniah Ojar, 2, as Mowgli from The Jungle Book

9. Holly Allan, 10, as Belle from Beauty and the Beast

8. Jensen Pointon, 6, as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast

7. Jaxon Jones, 1, as Peter Pan

6. Lauren Rusler, 6, as Elsa from Frozen

5. Poppie Underwood, 6, as Anna from Frozen

4. Evan Williams, 5, as Kristoff from Frozen

3. Maryam El-Khamisi, 7, as Jasmine

2. Abdullah Adnan, 2, as Aladdin

1. Bella Gould, 2, as Boo from Monsters, Inc.

What do you think about Nicole’s project? Did it change the way you see kids with Down syndrome? Please, share your opinions in the comments.


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it's interesting because every kid looks like his or her favourite Disney character


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