Kim Kardashian Just Shared an All-Natural Selfie, and Fans Are Praising Her for Not Using Filters

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Despite being an expert at contouring and highlighting, Kim Kardashian is proving that allowing our skin to breathe and being all-natural is the ultimate form of beauty. The media personality shared a rare fresh-faced selfie from the dentist’s chair, and she was showered with praise from her adoring fans.

Her selfie was a huge hit.

The 42-year-old posted a makeup-free selfie from her dentist’s chair, and it seemed like she didn’t use any filter on it.

The casual snap, which she shared with her 350 million Instagram fans, gained a massive amount of admiration, and Kim was complimented for choosing to be natural.

One fan gushed about her beauty, saying ’’you look gorgeous queen.’’ While another enthusiastically commented, ’’Yes, an unfiltered selfie.’’

A third person was quick to address Kim’s haters by writing, ’’[...] she’s unfiltered unedited and still the most beautiful of all time.’’

Kim also has insecurities like anyone else.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News, © Jennifer Graylock / Alamy Stock Photo

Kim previously revealed that being in the spotlight for so many years has created many insecurities for her about the way she looked.

She admitted, ’’My physical appearance has been scrutinized for years, both by myself and other people, and in the last few years, I’ve finally been able to make peace with the imperfections that I previously struggled to accept.’’

We think that Kim looks even more glowing and gorgeous when she flaunts her natural face without any makeup or filters on.

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Preview photo credit Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News, kimkardashian / Instagram


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She looks completely stunning without makeup on. She has gorgeous skin. I feel like people look younger at times when they let their natural beauty shine through or go with a more natural look. Heavier makeup can sometimes have the opposite effect from what we desire. She looks more youthful imho. I'm not a "Kardashian" fan by any means really, I don't follow their show or social media, but this photo is actually of her is very nice.


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