Cindy Crawford’s Stunningly Natural Selfies Show That She Is Keeping It Real

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Cindy Crawford is reminding us that our natural face and smile are all we need in order to radiate beauty. The 57-year-old supermodel has always been real. She has posted a makeup-free video to her Instagram that has left no one indifferent. Nevertheless, a few eagle-eyed fans noticed one small detail that remained a mystery to them.

Cindy Crawford took her selfie video while she had zero makeup on and captioned it, “Baby hairs in the sauna.”

And many fans were quick to praise Crawford’s gorgeous looks, as one person wrote, ’’The most beautiful woman of all time,’’ while another expressed their admiration by sharing, ’’She’s a beautiful aging woman❤️’’

Other fans, however, were a bit surprised by Crawford’s makeup-free look and tied-up hair, finding it hard to recognize her at first glance. One such person commented, ’’You look so different 😍,’’ and another admitted, ’’OMG didn’t recognize you😮’’

Another detail that stunned her followers was the famous beauty mark above her lip not clearly visible in the video. One person wondered, ’’Where is your iconic mole?’’

In the video, Crawford’s tied hair seemed a little wet and her ’’baby hairs’’ were framing her face.

And the supermodel appeared to be wondering how she’d look with bangs. She even brushed aside the dark locks of hair and examined her features from different angles.

And this is not the first time the iconic model has brought up the subject of her hair. In a recent interview, she jokingly suggested that her 21-year-old look-alike daughter, Kaia Gerber, ’’stole’’ her luscious hair.

Crawford admitted, ’’I look at my daughter and notice that her hair is shiny and healthy looking — she has my old hair, and I want it back!’’

The 57-year-old brunette opened up about the surprising transformations that happen to hair as we age. She shared, ’’Everyone tells you your skin will age, but no one tells you your hair will age too.’’

She also noted that the changing hair texture is something we don’t really talk about. Crawford explained, ’’I think we all expect to get gray hair, but I wasn’t aware that the texture was going to change, it was going to become more brittle, it was going to shed more.’’

Despite what she’s saying, the supermodel’s hair still looks fabulous as ever, and it even inspired her to start an age-proof hair care system for her beauty line.

She noted that the project became her ’’passion’’ and her goal was ’’to address not only my aging hair but to bring a solution to the market for the many other women out there experiencing these aging hair issues.’’

Cindy Crawford has an incredible modeling career. And her daughter is following in her footsteps, and she’s doing it on her own terms.

Preview photo credit cindycrawford / Instagram


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