Liam Neeson Reveals Why He Doesn’t Like Filming Intimate Scenes

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Intimate scenes can be sensitive moments to portray on camera, and it’s not uncommon for actors to have boundaries or reservations when it comes to performing these types of scenes. Despite decades of on-screen experience, renowned actor Liam Neeson recently admitted that there’s still one thing he hasn’t gotten comfortable with and that intimate scenes are not his favorite to film.

The actor’s comments come on the heels of those made by Penn Badgley, who recently made headlines for his decision to no longer shoot intimate scenes for his series, You. As for Neeson, he said he’d prefer to avoid them entirely. “Yeah, I absolutely agree and support him. I don’t like to do them. I’ve done quite a few of those scenes, and I would have preferred to leave it to the imagination.”

The actor also acknowledged that he doesn’t enjoy watching intimate scenes in movies or TV shows. “I’ll be honest, when I see a sex scene, I just can’t look at them. I just get embarrassed,” he admitted. The Taken star added, “I know they are choreographed and stuff, but I don’t need to see that.”

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Another thing the 70-year-old actor felt uncomfortable with was the frank chat about intimacy he had with his son that he shares with his late wife, Natasha Richardson. “The most awkward moment I have ever experienced,” the actor said.

Both Neeson’s disclosure about how uncomfortable he feels and Badgley’s decision not to shoot these scenes as much highlight the growing concern in the entertainment industry about the treatment of actors during these scenes. The safety and well-being of actors on set are crucial, and it’s essential for them to feel safe and for their boundaries to be respected.


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