Little Girl Ends Up With a FULL BODY CAST After Slide Incident and the Reason Why Will Hunt Every Parent

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6 months ago

California mother is issuing a warning to parents about the potential dangers of playground equipment after her young daughter suffered a serious injury at an amusement park.

The accident

In 2018, Amelia Zamora aimed to provide her 2-year-old girl with a delightful day out at a California amusement park, but the outing took a distressing turn.

Zamora, accompanied by her two children, accepted a friend’s invitation to the park, hoping for a day of play and enjoyment. They encountered an old staple slide at the park, and Zamora’s daughter, Scarlett, strongly desired to go down it. Recalling the steepness and antiquated nature of the metal slide, Zamora emphasized the age of the structure.

Despite her daughter’s apprehension, Zamora placed her in her lap for the slide descent. However, realizing that the slide’s bottom was made of cement prompted an attempt to stop their momentum. Unfortunately, the mother’s efforts led to injuries on her side, while her daughter landed on her knee. Despite taking her daughter home initially, Zamora noticed concerning symptoms, like abundant sweating.

Her daughter had to be put in a cast.

Zamora then decided to take her daughter to the emergency room. Scarlett was diagnosed with a fractured femur. The family encountered challenges in the subsequent weeks, including a traumatic experience when the child had to be put in a spica cast, covering a significant portion of her daughter’s body. According to Zamora, the cast went from Scarlett’s rib cage right below her chest all the way down the broken leg to her ankle, and then on the other side, it went to her kneecap.

The process of putting on the cast proved complicated. Anesthesia and a trachea tube were required, and transporting her daughter home posed a challenge due to the cast’s restrictive nature. They had to resort to an ambulance for transportation.

Once Scarlett was in the cast, she questioned her mother, asking why she had to wear it. Amelia described the experience as heartbreaking, blaming herself for not refusing Scarlett’s request to go down the slide together.

The cast was a nightmare for Scarlett.

The family’s routine underwent substantial changes during the weeks the child spent in the cast, affecting their mobility and daily activities. The emotional toll on both mother and daughter was palpable, with Zamora’s guilt and the heartbreaking sight of her child struggling and feeling self-conscious about the cast. Ultimately, Scarlett had to wear her cast for five weeks. Zamora, expressing the difficulty of witnessing her daughter’s struggles, used her blog as an outlet to share the challenges of the recovery process and process her emotions.

In order to uplift her daughter’s mood, Zamora implemented a countdown for the day when her cast would be removed, offering sweet treats as a reward for the awaited occasion. When the cast came off, she received a cake pop, making her the happiest little girl, as she could finally sit normally in her car seat.

Zamora had also prepared a toy for her so she could engage in sitting and playing. However, Zamora recalls that Scarlett was understandably cautious about sitting since she had been predominantly in a lying position for the past five weeks.

Amelia Zamora wants to raise awareness.

To raise awareness, Zamora posted a viral TikTok video urging parents to be cautious about old, steep slides. In the video’s caption, she emphasized the importance of not underestimating the risks and encouraged parents to hold their child’s hand or offer encouragement for independent slides, while also advising vigilance for steep structures.

The video garnered 1.8 million views, with parents expressing gratitude for the warning and acknowledging the need for increased caution. Zamora hopes that by sharing her experience, she can prevent similar accidents and encourage parents to prioritize safety on the playground.

Scarlett is fine now.

The accident occurred in April 2018, and Scarlett, now eight, had to learn how to walk again after the incident. Although the child barely remembers the traumatic experience six years later, Amelia vividly recalls the event and hopes her story serves as a cautionary reminder for parents to prioritize safety over joint rides on playground slides.

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